Wednesday, April 26, 2017


So on Sunday mornings when I get up, I:

1) Make coffee
2) Get the paper
3)Turn on NPR
4) Turn off NPR after the puzzle and before that Nicklecreek guy starts his Prairie Home Companion gig.

Last Sunday they announced the next puzzle as making a short story using no more than 7 titles of Billboard #1 songs. I don’t want to enter that competition because I am afraid I will win and have to be on the radio solving puzzles while the whole world is listening. How is that a prize?

Anyway I was curious what sort of story could be made of songs in our Music Club google doc. Something like:

Far Far Away/ Boys And Girls/ Play A Train Song/ Without You/ 3 Days Later/ You Send Me/ Your Lips

Well, something like that, but with some sense making and not so weird. I’ll work on it.


And that is my attempt at a blog post.


  1. JIM - this is important news for you, this Friday:

    We'll get you to Whistle While You Work on Friday morning - but we need your help compiling a #FridayMorningMixtape made up of songs featuring whistling!
    "Each Friday at 9 a.m. on the XPN Morning Show, host Kristen Kurtis plays the Friday Morning Mixtape, an hour long mix of music chosen by listener requests around a specific theme."

  2. Whistling? DID YOU HEAR THAT PATRICK?????

  3. The Crane Takes Flight by Ted Leo
    Support System by Liz Phair
    Set The House Ablaze by The Jam
    England Swings by Roger Miller
    Dock of The Bay by Otis Redding
    Walk Like a Giant by Neil Young
    Patience by Guns & Roses
    La La Love You by The Pixies
    Home by Edward Sharpe
    Oh No by Andrew Bird

    1. I'll put those on their Facebook page for you, Jim!

      MARCY - this is important news for you (if you hadn't already hear of this podcast, that is!):

      "In 1984, Elvis Costello released what he would say later was his worst record: Goodbye Cruel World. Among the most discordant songs on the album was the forgettable “The Deportees Club.” But then, years later, Costello went back and re-recorded it as “Deportee,” and today it stands as one of his most sublime achievements.

      “Hallelujah” is about the role that time and iteration play in the production of genius, and how some of the most memorable works of art had modest and undistinguished births."

    2. Here's what they played:
      09:57 am Always Look on the Bright Side of Life - Monty Python
      09:49 am Andrew Bird - Danse Caribe
      09:45 am John Lennon - Jealous Guy
      09:40 am Billy Joel - The Stranger
      09:35 am Peter Gabriel - Games Without Frontiers
      09:30 am Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Home
      09:27 am David Bowie - Golden Years
      09:23 am Beck - Sissyneck
      09:18 am XTC - Generals & Majors
      09:14 am Bangles - Walk Like An Egyptian
      09:11 am Terence Trent D'Arby - Wishing Well
      09:08 am Otis Redding - (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay
      09:03 am Peter Bjorn And John - Young Folks
      09:01 am Andy Griffith - The Fishin' Hole
      08:59 am Andrew Bird - The Whistling Caruso

  4. I forgot about THE STRANGER. We’ve been playing this at home a lot lately. I had never heard the album, just the singles. It’s a nice whistle that closes it. Kind of accomplishes the same thing the whistle in DOCK OF THE BAY does.

    I thought about WALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN, but I saw the Bangles once back in the late 80s. I was very disappointed when they did the whistle with a synthesizer and they just pantomimed the whistling. Not cool, Debbi!

    WISHING WELL is synth, too, I always thought.

    I don’t remember whistling in GOLDEN YEARS. I particularly didn’t say YOUNG FOLKS because that is of course the first song to come to everyones mind.

    It just so happens there is a Mark Lanegan (perhaps you’ve heard of him) track called THE RIVER RISE with whistling. It isn’t part of the actual song, though. It’s kind of an intro that leads up to the song without being an actual part of it. According to the rules I made up, it doesn’t count.

    I think I might be thinking about this too much. I was going to think about Trump. There’s all this protest art out there lately. But, no. I am blogging about whistle songs.


    1. The current administration will pass (flame out and return to hell from whence it came, hopefully sooner rather than later); music is forever.

  5. THIS:

  6. Just saw this. From the 80's:

    Careless Whisper/Say Say Say/Hello/Don't You Want Me/Sweet Child o'Mine/Another One Bites The Dust/Every Rose Has It's Thorn


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