Thursday, November 18, 2010

December Music Club Date?

Gina hits town on December 18th. What does everyones schedule look like?

Birthday request?

My birthday is Tuesday, November 30th. There is nothing I would rather do than have my music club over for champagne, pizza and beer.
What do you guys think?

Oh yeah, no theme just the idea of a helluva good playlist!!!!


Friday, November 12, 2010

Mr. Smith

My favorite Elliott Smith song "Waltz #2" played on the radio as I was driving into work today. I realized I haven't submitted any of his songs yet for music club. How can that be? A few personal nuggets regarding ES.

Ali and I sauntered up next to him at Sorry Charlies which was all kinds of awesome except that he seemed so very forlorn.

I played "Either/Or" at least once every day in 1997 (except for the two weeks I was in Italy). I was fed up with work and took a leave of absence. Instead of shuffling paper around, I played this album while drinking coffee in my pj's.

Gina, Politi and I went on a roadtrip to Portland for a concert (Coldplay, can you stand it?) in 2001. We ended up in some bar where I met another ES super fan (we are many, especially in Portland). He regaled me with all sorts of great stories about RS (sadly I don't remember any of them). It may still be my favorite conversation I've had with a stranger in a bar.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

You Have Chosen Wisely.

I'm not saying there aren't mistakes. I'm certainly not saying there are.
Let me know if I have confused your excellent choice with someone else's equally awesome selection. Let me know how it looks.
Jim the Registrar

Weekend reading recommendation here!

This interview is fantastic. Quincy is the man!