Wednesday, August 20, 2014

All-Time Worst Songs?

My radio station is doing their annual pledge-drive countdown, and this year's theme is '885 All-Time Greatest and Worst Songs'.  You can send in your list of 10 Greatest, and 5 Worst, and then they play the list non-stop starting Oct. 20th.  (They're only playing 85 Worst Songs!)

You can see Random Greatest and Worst lists that have already been submitted here.

I'm not having too much trouble coming up with great songs, but what are some of you guys' worst? My tastes are so dorky, I sort like a lot of songs that other people hate...  but maybe you can help me brainstorm...

(This also reminds me of the AV Club's 'Hatesong' feature, which is pretty funny!)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Leaving Las Vegas, Viva Las Vegas, Waking Up in Vegas

My songs of place, because I don't think we are ever going to meet to discuss....  PSYCHE!!!  No more dilly dallying and let's do this thing.  First choice, Thursday September 11th; second choice Thursday September 18th.  A late summer evening in Pat and Deb's backyard, a fire to take the chill off, the thrilling thump of our our songs playing (wait, that might be my heartbeat thrilling at a much delayed Music Club meeting). Next up, the pathetic sight of Deb begging, please don't make me beg!