Wednesday, October 27, 2010

1 Night, 15 Songs, No Cover

Of course they're all covers.
Also I made a cover of Carol's corn chowder. You may need to add salt.
Also I have a theme in a theme. Just to help narrow it down.
Also I will see you then.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Year End Music Club Theme

yeah, yeah, yeah, so we haven't even held the October 28th music club meeting. I think the final music club of 2010 should be a bold breakthrough for us. 3 songs released in 2010 that struck a chord with us.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Are the newlyweds still canoodling?

Are we going to meet anytime soon to talk about music?

It's Tuesday and I'm obviously low on wit.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

You know what else?

More music, that's what else.
I saw Dirty Projectors Thursday night. Didn't really know what to expect. Heard an album before. Can't say I liked it. Very mathy. Lots of time signatures that seemed anti-know-what-the-hell-is-going-on. I tried listening to them Thursday morning before catching the bus to work. Made me tense. Listened to some NPR podcast instead. Calmed me right down.
Anyhow, went with a couple South Park neighbors. Met one of their touchy-feely friends. Nice enough guy, but, "Dude, you can look but keep your hands to yourself." You know what I'm saying? No? Forget that part then.
Surprise! Dirty Projectors were good. Not great music so much, though they obviously know what they are doing. It was arty. Very, very arty. Asymmetrical as all get out. People were dancing the shit out of the place, though. I liked them. Respect them. Ipod listening still makes me a little tense, but I actually bought one of their CDs at the show.
Did I mention it's a CD of covers?

You know what?

Music, that's what. That is totally what.
So I have had Arcade Fire on my ipod a while. Deb talked about how awesome they are. I have other friends who talk glowingly about seeing them at some hole-in-the-wall or beautiful theater or small club or whatever. I finally got the Funeral CD to play at home. Carol really liked it, actually read the lyrics.
"Next time they come to town I want to see them, " she says.
"You got it," I say.
I didn't realize they were coming in 2 weeks. And they were already sold out.
Craigslist, while it may be a delivery system for psychos, is also a great resource when it comes to purchasing tickets for sold-out things. We bought 2 tickets from a potential psycho outside Wholefoods in Bellevue. It was awkward. She was texting up to the us, made the exchange, texted while walking away. Told us she got the tix free from a radio station. That kind of made Carol stiffen. Paying for free tickets is not part of Carol's life strategy.
We had so much fun. They were kind of theatrical, but not phony. They were fun. I yelled/sang so loud to Wake Up: The Encore. It was at the Key Arena, which I feared was too big for them, but it was not.
It was fun. I thank Music Club, in part, because you really reinforced the whole I-should-see-more-live-music vibe I've been feeling lately. Also, you said Arcade Fire was good in particular and you did not lie. So much fun.