Friday, May 19, 2017

Chris Cornell RIP

I only saw Soundgarden twice. Once in college, I think it was an actual classroom, in Ellensburg where they opened up for Faith No More. It was dark and loud and he was constantly moving. The whole place smelled sweaty. To be honest, it was a kind of sexy show.

Another time was at the Moore and I was there for the opening band (Screaming Trees) and I was surprised at how big they seemed. They filled the space differently than the Trees.

After college I worked at a 7-11 in Sacramento and planned to see Soundgarden (something from home) after my shift. I did not make it, because someone stole my car battery while I was working. One of my top five disappointments in missing a band.

Anyway, i didn’t follow him around or anything and I actually deleted his SCREAM album from my computer because it was so very bad, but I’m really sad he died. I never really listened to Audioslave, but I actually have most of the Soundgarden stuff.

Also, I just know a few people who used to be roommates with him or friends with him or friends with his family and it’s sad how sad they all
are right now.


  1. Fell On Black Days has been in my head for five days now. I'm OK with that.

    I'm glad you wrote this.

  2. Also, Soundgarden was one of the bands that made me realize I didn’t really always know how to read my audience. I made a mixtape for Carol that had BIG DUMB SEX on it. It was fairly early in my wooing attempts. It was a poor choice.

    RIDE OF THE VALKERIES came right before it as I recall. Also a weird choice.

    The tape also had UNDERNEATH THE CHRISTMAS FISH by The Didjits (annoying) and BORN TO BE BLUE by Ray Charles (pretty schmaltzy, although I have brought that to MusicClub, so it has more staying power, obviously.)

    But the Soundgarden song was just stupid, even as a joke.


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