Monday, August 10, 2015

The Triathlon Theme

Welcome to the upcoming theme, THE TRIATHLON (other title options were the TRIPLE CROWN, JIM'S THREESOME and I CAN'T MAKE UP MY MIND). It will take perseverance. It will take dedication. It may take several minutes to make your decisions.

The first leg of the event:
This may be the most difficult for many of you. Choose a song released all the way back in 1965. It was a very good year. You will have plenty to choose from. I know it was a long time ago, but some it may be new to you or at least somebody.

Second leg:
This may be the most difficult for many of you. Choose a song that is less than 2 minutes long. Get in, do your stuff, get out. No muss, no fuss. Although I'm sure there will be some fussing. There will probably be muss as well.

Last leg:
This may be the most difficult for many of you. Choose a song by an artist or band that you nominate for inclusion into the Unofficial Music Club Hall Of Fame. This song doesn't just nominate, though. It makes the deciding vote for automatic inclusion into our made up institute of questionable excellence.
You want the Thompson Twins? Who's gonna stop you?
You really think Anna Kendrick has paid her dues? Well, welcome aboard, you rock star you.
Really? Sting? Um, we may need to talk about this.
This is supposedly an awesome amount of power. Please wield it responsibly.

I made up these sub-themes without giving it any thought, so I have no idea which songs to submit.

These are all subject, of course, to all y'all's approval.

With love-


  1. OK, whose idea was it to have Jim pick the theme?

  2. I wanna say it was the Hold Steady kids which means you!

  3. I approve! And am drunk with power... Ohhhh, the Hall of Fame should be shaking in its boots...

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  8. I'm not here. I am away from my computer for the next several days. I will return your call upon my return.

  9. Automatic inclusion? I'm almost afraid of what will transpire.
    Speaking of which, how bout meeting at my place in September? I'll throw out the 17th with the 24th as a back-up. Any conflicts?

  10. Both dates work for Pat and I.

  11. I will be in Chicago for yet another art fair on the 17th. So 24th is my vote.

    1) How was D’Angelo? For those who make the comparison, was he better or worse than in LA?
    2) Can you ever forgive me for this theme?
    3) Can you at least act like I’m forgiven?

  12. 2) & 3) I forgive you - the more themes, the better, in my estimation
    1) Cooooool!!!!

    Hey, I'll be in town Oct. 10 - 15 (leaving the 16th). Any chance of music club during those dates? If not, no worries, I'll send my choices for you to mock at the next meeting in my absence.


  13. D'Angelo at The Showbox. There are no words. Seeing him in my favorite live venue with my BFFs was a riveting and rollicking good time.

    How about Sunday October 11th? We could start a little earlier since we all have the day off.

  14. 1) I wasn't in LA so no comparison, but I thoroughly enjoyed the Seattle show
    2) I think this is a great theme and therefore see no need for forgiveness
    3) See 2
    Triatholon theme w/Gina here,how great is that! Sunday October 11th, will work, the Seahawks are playing the Bengals in Cincinnati and it's a 10:00 am game so an early start time should work.

  15. I hate to be a pain, but Oct 11 is Carol’s birthday. I think I would like to do something with her.

    What was everybody’s favorite part of D’Angelo’s show?

  16. This article is a great recap to the show.

    We can come up with a date without robbing Carol of her birthday date!

  17. You know what? I completely forgot that I am out of town from Oct 10 to Oct 19. Sorry. You should have it then though while Gina is in town.

  18. I absolutely forbid you from having this theme without Jim!!! Please meet on the 24th, and I'll send my picks!
    Sorry to miss you Jim! (Hmm... unless you did it on purpose...)

  19. Hey, you guys familiar with this podcast, Crybabies? It's funnier than it sounds - guests talk about things (songs, movies, commercials, etc.) that make them cry. The Neko Case (GREG!) episode is hilarious!

  20. For the last leg, here are the 15 artists already residing in the Music Club Hall of Fame:
    Bruce Springsteen
    Elvis Costello
    The Beatles
    Bob Dylan
    James Brown
    Johnny Cash
    Led Zeppelin
    Tom Waits
    Tima Turner
    Steely Dan
    Arcade Fire
    Elliot Smith
    The Replacements

    Did I miss anyone?

  21. Emabarassingly, only Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, The Beatles, and Bob Dylan are in the HoF. All the rest were just in the running when we had internet voting.

  22. OH!!!!!! So this automatic inclusion is a VERY big deal.


  23. I know, right?

    I’m curious if two people will both put in the same artist. Although, a little collusion between friends should fix that.

    But how do you decide between, like, Wilco or Uncle Tupelo. Or do just go for Jeff Tweedy and call it done.

    Who’s most deserving:

    Lyle Lovett
    Aretha Franklin
    Smoke Robinson
    The Smiths
    Marvin Gaye
    Fleetwood Mac
    The Cure
    or anybody from our last vote?

    Should Nirvana be there? Should The Beastie Boys? Over Kanye West (what?), Mark Lanegan (who?), and Pink Floyd (ooh!)?

    I’ve narrowed it down to 3.

    Or 4 or 5.

  24. How are everyone's picks going? Got your Hall Of Fame artist nailed down?
    You have one week!!!! Next Thursday at my place!

  25. I am LOVING this theme and propose Jim construct all future themes! Who will my inductee be, it's really though to decide and time is running out.... Nickelback or Creed?! It's all 'Sophie's Choice' up in here!!!

  26. Nickelback has longevity on its side.

  27. Just think of it. Seven new entries into the Hall of Fame almost doubles it. This is a monumental day in MC history.

  28. I want to publicly thank Jim for representing my picks tonight! So, everybody: no killing the messenger.
    Miss you all!

  29. Dr. Turner... The messenger hasn't been killed, but he has been shot

  30. I stand by Libba! Look at her little face!

  31. It's a cut little face, but it ain't Face Club.

  32. Touche'.
    That's could be a great theme! Whose faces would I pick? Hmmm... Marvin Gaye, would probably be one...
    Would Marcy pick D'Angelo? Deb, Springsteen?

    1. My Faceclub pick is INXS. Michael Hutchence. Sigh.

  33. Just so everybody knows, my predictions were horrible.

    Pat - Pink Floyd
    Deb - Wilco
    Marcy - Replacements
    Greg - Lyle Lovett
    J - Madonna
    Gina - Tina Turner

    I even got my pick wrong. All the way up to Thursday afternoon I thought I was going with Curtis Mayfield. I was only part right.

  34. If it makes you feel any better, The Replacements came on while I was doing music club dishes (I Will Dare) and I thought "Dang, I should have put The Replacements into the HoF."

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  37. Are the picks getting posted?

    1. I've updated the archive with the latest picks.

  38. I am having issues with my computer, so I have not had an opportunity to download or listen to the songs since the meeting. What I do remember is:

    For short songs, Deb gave us a French song.

    For songs from 1965, Gina gave us a song from 1966.

    For HoF songs, J gave us a song about Judy Collins.

    1. Suite Judy Blue Eyes came on just as I was reading the bit in his interview where Nash says, "Fuck you" to Crosby.

      I’m not sure if a similar coincedence can happen when Iko Iko comes on. The Dixie Cups are still on speaking terms, I assume.

  39. I almost picked Spanish Flea!!
    Say what you will about my nominee, but nice to see two ladies in the HoF! Good one, Deb!!!

    1. Our two October birthday boys are coming up with the next theme. I'm kinda anxious.

  40. Last night, because I had recently heard (on the Voice, sorry) ANGEL FROM MONTGOMERY (a great song by John Prine) I went to YouTube to here Bonnie Raitt sing it and I gotta tell (I really do) she is so good on that song. I saw Susan Tedeschi sing it once at David’s Island House on Martha’ Vineyard back in like 1995 (?) or something. Carol was waitressing there. That version was super good, too. I’m not gonna put her in the HoF or anything. Just bragging a little.

    1. I like that Susan Tedeschi! Is she old enough? Hey, do we have criteria? age/career limits?

    2. How come I never get to pick?? *runs out of room crying*
      Just kidding. WAY too much pressure.

  41. Damnit! "Hear" not “here."


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