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Keep your finger on important issues

I thought I’d follow up on the Elvis Costello discussion by (of course) ranking his albums and in the spirit of Jim’s post also listing the best and worst tracks from each. I didn’t include Almost Blue since it’s all covers and also very little past Spike because I just don’t know them well enough (except for The Delivery Man).

And really, how the hell did it take us so long to have an Elvis conversation?

1) Trust. Best song: Watch Your Step. Worst song: Shot with His Own Gun. Depending on the day you might be able to get me to say Strict Time is the best song here. Or New Lace Sleeves. Or Clubland.....you get the idea.

2) Imperial Bedroom. Best song: Beyond Belief. Worst song: Shabby Doll. I am coming around to the idea that Beyond Belief could be his very best song.

3) Taking Liberties. Best song: (I Don’t Want to Go to) Chelsea. Worst song: Wednesday Week. Yeah, it’s a compilation of b-sides but I think that top to bottom it is probably the disc I’ve listened to most over the years. Night Rally is really solid as well.

4) My Aim Is True. Best song: Watching the Detectives. Worst song: Pay It Back.

5) Get Happy!!. Best song: Opportunity. Worst song: New Amsterdam. Riot Act is a really close second for best here.

6) Armed Forces. Best song: Party Girl. Worst song: Goon Squad.

7) This Year’s Model. Best song: Pump It Up. Worst song: Little Triggers.

8) The Delivery Man. Best song: Bedlam. Worst song: Needle Time. This was such a nice surprise.

9) Punch the Clock. Best song: Everyday I Write the Book. Worst song: The World and His Wife.

10) Blood & Chocolate. Best song: I Want You. Worst song: Crimes of Paris.

11) Out of Our Idiot. Best song: American Without Tears No. 2. Worst song: Shoes Without Heels. Another compilation of random stuff is hit or miss, but the best here is better than the original version on King of America.

12) King of America. Best song: Brilliant Mistake. Worst song: Poisoned Rose. Yeah Marcy, I know you love it, and it’s OK but nowhere near my favorite.

13) Spike. Best song: Veronica. Worst song: God’s Comic. I remember playing this a lot when it came out, now looking back on it there is just not a ton that I want to hear again.

14) Goodbye Cruel World. Best song: Inch By Inch. Worst song: Love Field.

15) The Juliet Letters. Best song: Jacksons, Monk & Rowe. Worst song: everything else. I just listed this because I do think Jacksons, Monk & Rowe is a really great song.

As always, feel free to argue! You’ll be wrong, but it's fun to talk.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Best & Worst

I like the idea of not just the best by a great band, but the worst as well.


Next up: Best and Worst by The National, The Decemberists, Mark Lanegan, Vampire Weekend, Neil Young, Elvis Costello, Rolling Stones, Clarence (Thomas) Carter, Steve Malkmus, and the Ting Tings.

Meet in October?

What do you think? Pat came up with the next theme.  Pick an artist you've always meant to dive into but haven't.