Friday, February 13, 2009

Kick-off meeting around the corner

Having fun mining your library for songs?  I've received a few lists already and I LOVE how wide open this theme is for interpretation.      "Tell us who you are musically"
Will your songs represent your favorite genres?  Your favorite artists?  Is it the music that nudged you to where you are now?  Is it the songs that demanded you hit rewind, rewind, rewind while laying on the floor of your junior high bedroom?  So many ways to interpret.
Larry sent a great suggestion for our next theme but I'll just let you stew in your own juices until March.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Where does everyone sample music? itunes is decent enough but i would like to hear more of a song than 30 seconds. Do you try to find the bands My Space site?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Music Club - It's a go

Here's the idea.  We meet 4 times of year to talk about music.  There will be a general theme and each person comes up with 3 songs based on the theme.   A week before, members sends their picks to the host (me this time) and the host (me!) burns a CD comprised of all the delicious song selections.  Then we discuss (defend) our selections at the meeting.

The first theme is Pat's idea.  3 songs that tell us who you are musically (SO CLOSE TO AN INTERVIEW QUESTION BUT IT'S NOT).    Since many in the group have never met, it will be a great icebreaker and way to easily stereotype fellow music club members.

One more thing.  Is there evenings that are off limits?  I'll throw out Thursday, March 5.