Friday, October 5, 2012

Ba Dum Bda, Bda Da

There aren't enough tracks to go around for a full blown MC theme of bond themes but we could at least discuss faves at some point!  Here's a newly released Top 10 of all time Bond themes ranking to light a spark:

10. "Diamonds Are Forever" Shirley Bassey. Hot 100 Peak: 57. Peak Year: 1972 from the Bond film "Diamonds Are Forever"
9. "You Only Live Twice" Nancy Sinatra. Hot 100 Peak: 44. Peak Year: 1967 from the Bond film "You Only Live Twice"
8. "All Time High" Rita Coolidge. Hot 100 Peak: 36. Peak Year: 1983 from the Bond film "Octopussy"
7. "Thunderball" Tom Jones. Hot 100 Peak: 25. Peak Year: 1966 from the Bond film "Thunderball"
6. "Die Another Day" Madonna. Hot 100 Peak: 8. Peak Year: 2003 from the Bond film "Die Another Day"
5. "Goldfinger" Shirley Bassey. Hot 100 Peak: 8. Peak Year: 1965 from the Bond film "Goldfinger"
4. "For Your Eyes Only" Sheena. Easton Hot 100 Peak: 4. Peak Year: 1981 from the Bond film "For Your Eyes Only"
3. "Live And Let Die" Paul McCartney & Wings. Hot 100 Peak: 2. Peak Year: 1973 from the Bond film "Live And Let Die"
2. "Nobody Does It Better" Carly Simon. Hot 100 Peak: 2. Peak Year: 1977 from the Bond film "The Spy Who Loved Me" Carly Simon
1. "A View To A Kill" Duran Duran. Hot 100 Peak: 1. Peak Year: 1985 from the Bond film "A View To A Kill"

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

MC Home Movie?!

This seems it could be a snapshot from anyone of our childhoods!