Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Theme Proposal Thread

As all of you know by now, I'm not a big 'theme within a theme' guy.

However, I quite enjoy just coming up with themes, and thought it might be nice to have a place to document them. Thus this thread.

I'll start with an idea that I mentioned to Deb on our seventeenth trip (and thank God next to last) to Cheney last weekend:

Names in a hat. You draw a name (not yours) and then assign that person their theme for the next meeting.

Example: I draw Marcy's name and say "Marcy, your theme is to find three songs that reference Music Club members". Marcy then says "Man, I hate this theme!". Hilarity ensues. (For the record, I have that exact theme ready to roll at some point).

Feel free to add your own ideas for themes in the comments.


  1. 3 songs that changed your life, if only for a moment.

  2. I do like the idea of "Theme That Marcy Hates." That might be too broad, but hilarity is one of my favorite things.
    Other than that I am horrible at theme picking. Will work on it.

  3. I propose "Themes that Larry Hates" for the next club.
    That'll teach him.

  4. I believe it is because Marcy hates every theme that the whole 'theme within a theme' came into being.

  5. When's the next meeting? Let's get it on the calendar, Dance Dance USA, put on those boogie shoes! I'm eager to hear everyone's picks.

  6. Aren't we trying to meet before Marcy goes to "work" in Europe?
    I'm desperately trying to somehow turn "DANCE DANCE USA" into "slow sad songs to dance to" but between me, you and the blog, it's not working... how about next week (5/4)? tuesday? the following tuesday (5/11)?

  7. and YEAH that's two comments from me... I'm so ACTIVE today.

  8. I like the first week in May. How bout Wednesday, Cinco De Mayo? Potential theme with in a theme! Mexican Dance songs!

  9. I'll be out of town through Tuesday May 4, but I might be able to make a Cinco De Mayo meeting. I'll let you know later today.
    I have not made a single dance selection. I am totally at a loss.
    It's probably too late to change themes, right?

  10. What is a Cucharacha, anyway?

  11. Hell, I'll bake a batch of cookies and give you each a dollar bill to change themes!

  12. I'll match Marcy's dollar!

  13. No way man. I'm rarin' to go.

  14. Wait a minute, let's think this through, Pat.
    If I'm reading this right, we could get a different theme AND make an extra $2. Not too shabby.
    What do people dance to any more? Text messages? Wii? Vampire Weekend? No dance is dead, my friend. Now only the dead can dance.

  15. So I am ggd for Wed the 5th, if everyone else is.
    Lemme know.
    I'm going to Chicago for an art fair. I won't have much free time, but if i do, anything I should do?

  16. Hot Dougs!

  17. You lived in Chicago how long and all you got for Jim is a hot dog stand? Way to sell your old stomping grounds!

  18. I was going with a simple, inexpensive, culturally relevant, time sensitive, option... they cook their fries in duck fat, they have a Fois Gras hot dog... why wouldn't you go there?

    you should also go to Harry Caray's for a budweiser.

  19. Dance is dead. Perfect for Cinco De Mayo Music Club.

    el baile del muerto

  20. Pat's already got a thing going on the 5th of May. We could do the 6th of May or the next week... Otherwise you all will be dancing sans Deb & Pat. Ole!

  21. BTW, I've got no problem with making this a "roll your own theme" night. I just don't want to change my picks becuz I love them.

  22. "Roll Your Own" theme. LOVE IT IN OH SO MANY WAYS!
    OK, it looks the first week isn't working since I'm not available on the 6th. How bout the next week?

  23. Cinco De Mayo has come and gone and still no music club meeting on the schedule. What about next Thursday the 13th? Pat and I can have it at our place, unless you want to do it at your place Marcy? Dance theme, roll your own theme, doesn't matter. Let's just bring songs and listen to music!

  24. Thursday the 13th is good for me. I don't have any selections but that's never stopped me before.
    Dance till you drop.

  25. In anticipation to my upcoming trip,

    See you all on the 13th!

  26. Okay-It's official, next music "listening" get together on the 13th at Pat and Debbie's, 7:00. Listening selections of your choice!

  27. I haven't read this article yet, but think it's a delightful idea for the thread! I'm trying to think of mine before I read it...,40890/

    Have fun dancin' dancin' dancin' (or not!) next week! (My first song would have been Kashmir, and I would have subjected you all to my interpretive dance accompanying it. All 8:28 of it.)

  28. Oh hey, I can bring the interpretive dance to whatever music you want to throw down. No one, particularly me will enjoy it, but I will bring it. My struggles are with what will get us all dancing around the kitchen like the The Big Chill (only better) or doing the Batman like Vince Vega or Batman (only hotter).
    If there is a rug, then I say we should cut it.
    If there is a dance floor, then I say we should hit it.
    I want popping, breaking, shimmying, and shaking.
    We should bring the mash potato, the funky chicken and the pogo.
    Now we are walking the dog, but later we may do the hustle.
    Are you with me?


  30. I'm with you!! Someone must have the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever (ok, that would be me). You have dance music, I know you do, there must be music in your collection that you feel the urge to frug to.

  31. I'm searching.
    How do you frug again? Will there be lessons at the beginning?
    I typically dance like no one is watching, but only when no one is actually watching.

  32. Theme proposed:
    Songs you sing while flipping of your co-worker behind his back because you don't want to make waves, but you just so angry you can't see straight and you have do something or else you're going to explode.
    Or, you know, something in that vein.

  33. See, I couldn't even type all the letters I wanted. I was just that mad.
    I feel better now, though.

  34. While on the topic of exploding rage, a girl brawl broke out at the Yen Wor last Friday night. Karaoke has never been so exciting!

  35. It was about Coldplay wasn't it?

  36. If I remember correctly Gwyneth Paltrow was involved. So maybe.

  37. So we're doing the songs with colors: My itunes has 17 orange (not counting the fruit) and 15 yellow, but 0 cyan and turquoise.
    Someday we could do numbers: 1, 2 and 3 are all very popular. I have 0 though 20, then 22, 24, 25 and 29. Then it just scatters. Not counting classical music's penchant for numbering their sonatas and symphonies.
    Days of the week: I have several choices of Sunday though Saturday. Maybe months.
    Songs where the singer talks though part of the song: I already used HE STOPPED LOVING HER TODAY. RIP George Jones
    Songs with a twist ending: I already used HE STOPPED LOVING HER TODAY.
    Songs where someone dies: I already used HE STOPPED LOVING HER TODAY.
    Songs about work: Or is that too depressing. How about quitting?
    Songs about crime: Murder, drug dealing, tax evasion, etc. "so and so is a detective down in Texas/You know he knows just what the facts is."
    Songs with horrible rhymes: See above.
    Songs from bands I would pay $250 to see at the Showbox: Um...the Beatles? They would have to all be there. And younger, probably.
    Zoological: Seems too cutesy, but I'm flexible. 7 songs with "elephant" in the title.
    Songs no one should really cover: WHAT'S NEW, PUSSYCAT. Prove me wrong.
    We could do the word game again: I have 3 songs with the word timebomb. Oh, wait... nevermind. I'll think of something else.
    True stories: That creepy/pretty song by Sufjan Stevens about John Wayne Gacy is all I can think of right now.


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