Saturday, January 12, 2013

I'll Take Care Of You

The chances are that not all of these links will work. Oh, well.

I first became aware of I'll Take Care Of You when it was on Mark Lanegan's album of covers (I've got to have that, right?) I liked it immediately.
It was, it turned out, a cover of this by Bobby Blue Bland. Very similar, all the way down to the organ.
Then I heard Gill Scott Heron's version in 2010. Considered it for song of the year, but it started to great on me and I didn't like it as much as the Lanegan version.
Then I considered it again in 2011, when I heard the remix by the guy from the XX.
Then I heard that Drake put his version out at the end of 2011. We all already have that version. I considered it, but I couldn't make the leap.
You may have heard this cover of Drake by Florence and the Machine. She has a tendency of making covers her own. I'll give her that.
Van Morisson and Etta James also do versions. It's agreed, then. This is a good song.
Now I hear this. There must be a million of these out there. All Music Club ready.

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