Monday, January 7, 2013

Tis the Season

Thoughts, commentary, anecdotes, etc?


  1. Awesome article! Skyfall, Skyfall, Skyfall! Especially since a Bond song has never won (?!?!) I"m deeply intrigued by his descriptions of the songs from Django Unchained - guess I'm going to have to see that goddamned movie... so upsetting.

    If I weren't rooting so hard for Skyfall, I guess I'd be rooting for the Hobbit song just because yay Neil Finn! (Haven't actually seen it). J., I'm guessing there's a soft spot in your heart for Everybody Needs a Best Friend (how he ignored Thunderbuddies in his article is a travesty, though).

    If a song from the movie is nominated, I will feel less shame about Joyful Noise sitting in my DVR. Don't judge me.

    This is the best description of this band ever: ' "Learn Me Right," written by Mumford & Sons and performed by that band with Birdy, follows the Mumford template: It's folk-based and rousing, and before it ends you just know the whole thing will be whipped into an acoustic frenzy.'

  2. So Carol and I went to see LINCOLN and I know they don't have dog in this particular race, but they may have one in the score race and I tell you what, for the most part the score did not bother me too much. I mean, it did what they typically do, emphasize whatever emotion the script says to feel, but there was one point where I couldn't hear what characters were saying because the soundtrack had built up to being so loud. The lines they were saying probably weren't too important because they had no problem covering it up, but still, too loud, okay?

    When I first read the description I thought the writer was having a hard time remembering a band's name and was referring to it as "that band with Birdy".

  3. And the nominees for Best Original Song are:

    "Ancora Qui" -- Ennio Morricone from "Django Unchained"
    "Suddenly" -- Hugh Jackman from "Les Miserables"
    "Skyfall" -- Adele from "Skyfall"
    "Breath of Life" -- Florence + the Machine from "Snow White and the Huntsman"
    "Everybody Needs a Best Friend" -- Norah Jones from "Ted"

    MAN... I've got 3 faves up against one another? This category is BACK BABY!!


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