Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Live in 2013

Okay the first show I saw in 2013 is Lady Gaga. Not something one would have predicted, but you don't know me. When she sings BORN THIS WAY my mind slips very easily into RESPECT YOURSELF (Don't tell Madonna. She'll just make a bigger stink), but I also slip into a disco version of GOLD DUST WOMAN for some reason.
Quotes from the Lady:

"I know I don't tell you very often, Ma, because I'm busy being a popstar, but I love you."

"I know your tired. You've been working all day. But I don't give a shit. Get your pussies off the floor and jump."

"I don't know why you're crying. You look gorgeous."

"Jesus is the new black."

"Even Black Jesus has no fucks to give."

Over-all it was a more adult version of Free To Be You & Me, but at one point Marlo Thomas dresses up like a motorcycle.

I enjoyed it.


  1. Was this with your Mum again?

    A Lady Gaga fan lurks inside a Mark Lanegan fan. Who knew?

  2. It was me Mum. Thanks, Mom.
    Evidently if the show doesn't sell-out then they do something called "painting the arena". It involves getting people into the empty seats. Carol and I went and we both had a good time. Although I will say that Carol was using borrowed binoculars to pay particular attention to a dancer who was obviously allergic to shirts and was developing an intolerance to pants. He looked like a super-buff, young Eddy from Eddy and The Cruisers.

  3. And whenever I hear Paparazzi I hear Powaqqatsi in my head.
    That reminds me, I want to hear that Beck remix of Philip Glass.


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