Friday, June 17, 2011

One, make it fifteen, hit wonders!


  1. Thanks for correcting my misspellings, Marcy. I must have dystopia or something.

    I've been Madmenized and I'm not as jazzed as I was last night. Oh well.

    Jimmy says RELAX.

  2. OK whoever came up with Brand New Key deserves a stern talking to.

    Oopsy. Did I just start drunk blogging again?

    6 underground by the Sneakerpimps is my pick.
    I love that song and shall defend it with a certain amount of vigor.

    One week later and I'm still a raver. Restless by Unkle is crankin on the shizzle right now. Oh yeahhhhh I can ride this wave till I'm 60 then its back to the Ramones

  3. England, UK or Commonwealth?
    Less is more, you know, but so is more. So, whichever.
    And it's not like I'm starting now or anything. It's still early.
    That would be silly.

  4. Great pick DrunkBlogger! British trip hop in the 90's was all sorts of awesome!

    Gina, we picked British Music as our next theme hoping we can nail down a meeting when you and Drayson are in town.

  5. Hey , speaking of English. I just heard that Sir What's-His-Name's birthday is today.
    You know the guy.
    Co-wrote "Veronica". Not the guy with the glasses. The other guy.
    He's a knight!
    Don't tell me you don't know who I'm talking about. You're gonna feel pretty silly when I think of his name.
    Anyway, Happy Birthday, Sir.

  6. We are honored! At this point, any night between 7/14 and 7/19 would work.

    Happy Belated Birthday, Macca! I heard "Coming Up" on the radio yesterday and thought, "Hey, Wings!"

  7. Apparently we need to start scheduling Music Club Fridays at midnight.

  8. Why did Jim change his avatar back?

  9. Friday @ Midnight it is. See you there.

    Fun facts from searching for Brits in the Ipod:
    Bob Dylan - Not British, American
    Carly Simon - Not British, American
    Blondie - Not British, American (New Yorkers?)
    Sun Ra - Not British, From Mars
    Terry Bradshaw - Not Musician (Clearly) also Not British, American
    Earth, Wind & Fire - Awesome also Not British, American
    Pulp - British? Really? Never would have guessed.
    Michael Jackson - Not British, American
    Elvis Presley - Not British, American
    British Sea Power - Unsure
    Cat Stevens - Not a Cat, Maybe British
    Cat Power - Also not a Cat, also Not British, American
    Tiger Woods - Also not a Cat, Not British, America, also not a musician

    I can't keep this all straight.

  10. I would like to go on record saying that I believe that Marcy has cursed my mind to see 2/3 of the titles from MC18 to reference masturbation with the remaining 1/3 being euphemisms for sex.
    Come On Eileen? Really.
    Hold On? I picked that one, and that is NOT what I meant.
    The Lion Sleeps Tonight? Cantaloop? What do those even mean?


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