Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Time to share your one hit wonders...

Where: Debbie & Pat's
What: One Hit Wonders
Why: Because we love music club and it has been way too long
When: 7:00 p.m. on... June 1,2,15 or 16th

And now a challenge, some new music that I have heard and perhaps you all have as well. I have listed a song chosen specifically for you all, by me, and I would like you to critique my choices. Do not hold back!

Greg- a song for you to seek out-"Codeine" by Jason Isbell & The 400 Units, I would like your thoughts...

Jim- a song I would like your thoughts on- "The World (Is Going Up in Flames)" by Charles Bradley

Marcy- talk to me about- "Funeral Party" by Finale

Gina- A ditty for you to share your thoughts on by the Smith Westerns "Weekend"

Patrick- This guy should ring a bell for you; David Lowery "Raise Em Up On Honey"

And now discuss...


  1. Damn! That was an awesome post.
    Jam packed with stuff. I'm excited to hear your song for me.
    I can make June 1, but not 2. I assume I can make 15 or 16, but I have to check my home calendar for those two.

  2. Oh, and you guys were right. Bob Dylan has had more hits than just LAY LADY LAY. My bad.
    I was gonna go with U2, because to be honest with you I only know GET ON YOUR BOOTS, but they have more than that, I guess. Did you know U2 is a kind of boat and a plane, too? Small world.
    Anyway, starting over on my choices.

  3. I can do ANY of those dates.
    I like the Smith Westerns and Jason Isbell songs a lot. But since I hated the cover the Smith Westerns butchered on the AV club, they lost some cred with me. I don't think the Drive By Truckers are nearly as good withouut Isbell.


  5. I'm sorry! I was having issues signing in using my google account. I switched from IE to Firefox and voila, my identify is revealed.

  6. Oh. Okay.
    That was super scary. Like that time I showed up to the meeting and you were all wearing your Sting masks.
    I am so relieved.

  7. Yay, I love my song! Is it fair to call is dreamy bubblegum pop? I love "na na na na na"s as much as I love shouting. Great guitar lick! And the "Oo-oo-oooo!!
    And then it made me think of my new favorite song, Undercover of Darkness by the Strokes - both make me want to dance like Molly Ringwald. I am deliriously in love with the guitar line (and then when his voice mirrors that zingy high note in the last "so long, my friend")!

  8. ...but yes, Marcy, an unfortunate cover on the AV Club.

  9. I don't particularly care for reggae. I understand the appeal. I own some vaguely reggae-ish stuff somewhere. But years ago I was listening to KKCMU's reggae Sunday or Saturday morning thing (I was trying to like it) and I heard some couple of songs with female back-up vocals and just this great sounding, obviously old instrumentation. It was so good. I don't know what it was, who did it, what year it was from. I've never heard it again. I haven't looked really hard for it, but I've always been curious.
    Your song for me is not reggae, but it has that sound I heard back then. Thanks. I've missed it so. I'm going to go Google him and find out more. Will I like the rest of his stuff?

  10. That is a passionate, sweaty dude.

    I can make the 15th or 16th also.

    "Hit" is a tricky word.

  11. I just realized that would have been a haiku had I used the proper number of syllables in each line.
    It also could have been a limerick, I suppose, with two more lines and a lot more rhymes.
    I'll try harder next time.

  12. dudes.

    I'm funeralling in California until the 31st so most likely the 1st or 2nd might be tricky, does everyone hate me if I cast my vote for either the 15th or 16th? and i might be late as i have to put one of my two kids in bed before i'm allowed to leave the house... rules are rules.

    can't wait to listen to the song, deb! thanks!

  13. Just out of curiosity, do the Dead Kennedys have only one hit with California Uber Alles? Or two with that and Too Drunk To Fuck? Or can either one seriously be considered a hit? They're neither Oops..I Did It Again, Not A Girl (Not Yet A Woman) nor Toxic? Is that even fair to compare?
    This gonna be fun.

  14. We could pre-func until you get there Greg. More better to enjoy the one-hit-wonders!

  15. Oh, Geez. That was totally an accident. I hadn't read Anonymous' comment until after I posted mine. Did he really say Funeral and California and then I say Dead and California? I'm tacky and offensive. Sorry, Greg.

    15 or 16 does give me more time.

  16. I'm supposed to let everyone know that it will be at our house on June 16th.

    So, um, it will be at our house on June 16th. See you and your one-hit wonders there.

  17. I don't know if I've mentioned this or not, but I am eager to have the meeting. Seems like a long time. I miss you guys.

    My problem is that the people who I thought were One-Hit-Wonders are actually Two-Or-Three-Hit-Wonders. Good for them and all, but it's messing me up.

    Anyway....see you then and there.

  18. So I know I'm talking an awful lot, but this OHW thing is just weird, you know.
    "Oh", say I, "Oogum Boogum was an awesome song. Wait, where did it go? I thought I downloaded it from iTunes." But, you know, I did, but it got lost when my computer died, so I buy it again. Annoying, but it happens.
    "Wait", I say, "What's this song by him (Brenton Wood) called Gimme Little Sign? Oh my, OMG. That is a great song. I didn't know the same guy did both of those cool songs, but he did, and now I can't use him in my thing."
    Evidently the song I didn't know he did was actually a bigger hit than the one I did know he did. Stupid know-it-all Wikipedia.

  19. Oh Jim, you worry me. Have a beer.

  20. I tried to post earlier but couldn't but wanted to say that I'm looking forward to it also, I really enjoy Music Club meetings

    Pretty sure all mine are just one-hitters but really I made a big ass list about a month ago so need to go back through that to see what I'm actually gonna pick.

    I won't quibble about anyone's definition of a one-hitter though. Wait, that's a lie. I totally might. It depends.

  21. OK so here I am sitting in the Music Listening to Chair. I am crackin up and feelin the love for my Music Club friends...GENIUS ALL OF YOU.

    What is playing at my house? DAFT PUNK IS PLAYING AT MY HOUSE!
    That's right, my latest Pandora channel called QUERY....and its radio gold. Just wiped a tear after the joy of Killer Queen Bee by Downtown Harvest. Who the hell is that? I DON'T KNOW ! But I just turned up the music again ((thank goodness the other humanoids in my house (eff the cats and hamsters and guinea pigs and fish!) sleep heavy)) because its now Believe by The Bravery. I don't know who the hell they are either. But I think I have finally found the next chamber of my music heart. Oh No ! its now Dare by the Gorillaz!
    I wish my whole body was my ears.
    Crap, am I now a raver (ravist?)? I'm OK with that because this music is pure. Its the new Ramones, the new Nirvana, the new Syntho power pop. Clean. Beautiful. Melodic. Play it on 11. Uh Oh. Might stick out like a giant grey haired drunken sore thumb at the next Groove Armada concert at the Showbox.
    What do I hear now? On the Sky by Metric.
    I DON"T KNOW WHO THEY ARE EITHER! But it is awesome.
    I seeded this channel with one song. Thats not my Name by the Ting Tings. Best idea of the decade, for now.
    I really, really want to buy a new guitar so I can have 3 guitars I cannot play. Someday the music will pour out of me and it will be glorious.
    Speed of Sound by Coldplay? uhhhhhhhh. OK I feel funny right now. I guess it works but I want to punch that one dude that sings too much. Not in the face. In the belly so he goes OOOF! like The Skipper.

    24 by Jem? WwwwhhhhaaaAAAAHHHHH? I just exploded. Best. song. ever.
    Did beer transport me to another dimension? I'm cool with that.
    Justice....Phantom Pt II (Soulwax Remix).
    Thats what she said.

  22. Thanks for your concern, Marcy. I promise I did not actually hyperventilate.

    The Skipper was funny when he did that.

    It sounds like a brave new world out there, Anonymous. Make sure to rehydrate. Take snacks, too.

  23. Larry! That was the most awesome post evah! I so I wish I was there right next to you in my own Listening To Music chair.

  24. Who is this Larry you speak of? Tell him I have some Metric he can listen to.....

  25. Larry? I didn't recognize you. I didn't know you had a guinea pig. What's Downtown Harvest like? Aren't they a Mike McCready side project?

    Path12??? I didn't recognize you either. Nice new look, Dude.

  26. Pat did you Mad Men yourself? When I did it, I looked like a librarian. But, I always look like a librarian, so, fine.

    I want a guinea pig!

    I'm sorry, none of this is about music.

  27. Yes, that is my Mad Men avatar. Were I smarter I'd have made it look far more like George Clooney than me, but there you go.

    Guinea pigs are overrated. I've watched them before when a friend went out of town. They appear to do very little besides eat, piss and poop. If I had a guinea pig now I would let it loose in the house and let Norm and/or Lola get a good workout.

  28. I watched a neighbor's pet rat once. It was creepy. I'm such a little girl.
    I'll check for the Mad Men little girl avatar. Suzy or Becky or something.


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