Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's not time to make a change

Iron and Wine is this decades Cat Stevens. And that is not a slur friends, 'cause I love me some Cat Stevens.


  1. Antony and the Johnsons is this decade's Judy Collins
    Rufus Wainwright is this decade's Harry Connick Jr
    The National is this decade's The Eagles (or The Guess Who perhaps)

  2. Adele is this decade's Lisa Stansfield (also not a slur.

    I love the band name Iron and Wine. I make me think of blood, not in a violent way, but in a Wiccan magicky way. But not in a hippie way!

    I love the name The National too. I can't explain why.

    And I love the name Rufus. And Chaka Khan.

  3. I, too, am very fond of the name The National. I'm even starting to like their music.

    Coincidentally, the address I grew up at was 328 Wiccan Magicky Way. Small world.

  4. Did you live next door to Darren and Samantha Stephens?

  5. Kravitz. James Kravitz.

    Oh, that's just awful.

  6. Are the Fleet Foxes Crosby Stills and Nash or The Beachboys?

  7. Totally CSN. Or maybe Seals & Croft. Or Bread.

  8. This whole Fleet Foxes thing. I just don't get it. I tried, I really did. I like local music. I'm alright with bearded guys. I like people singing in perfect harmony like in the coke commerical but I can't get behind these guys. They probably smell, right?

  9. I second the Fleet Foxes thing, I can't do it... it's just uninteresting to me, and I'm supposed to love it, I know I am... but I don't. Is anybody listenting to the new Kills record/disc/file.

    hi everybody.

  10. also I am confused by why I can't post as myself... anonymous seems so 2010 to me.

  11. Oh, Anonymous. You rascally rascal, you.

    I like that one album by Fleet Foxes.
    I like side A of that "Baby, I'm A Want You" album by Bread.
    I like "Summer Breeze."
    I like CSN's hits. Also with the "&Y" added.
    They are no Beach Boys, yet.
    Maybe Herman's Hermits only from the woods. And stinky, perhaps.
    I like the whole "Some Of My Best Friends Have Beards" comment.

  12. Deb, I saw Crosby Stills and Nash as a Fleet Foxes reference in a magazine recently. You could write for a magazine.


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