Thursday, April 28, 2011

Got two turntables and a microphone

So one of the whole reasons for yesterdays post was that I wanted to give a quick rundown of the new stuff that I've been listening to over the past month. Or more precisely, new to me.

Olivia Tremor Control -- Dusk at Cubist Castle: In The Aeroplane Over The Sea is one of my favorite discs, so I've been wanting to check this out for awhile since Jeff Magnum is heavily featured in both. I usually roll my eyes whenever something is labeled at "Beatle-esque" because I have never actually heard anything of the sort in music so described. Except here, I really kind of do. Which is cool. I like this quite a bit, and thankfully it seems on casual listens to be nowhere as harrowing as ITAOTS.

Tortoise -- Beacons of Ancestorship: I have one other Tortoise disc that I can't remember the title of offhand, but I like it enough to give this a try. But this veers periously close to jazz fusion. And if there is one thing besides Modern Country that I am not a fan of, it is jazz fusion.

Aim -- Flight 602: This on the other hand is just excellent workin' music. Nice beats, clever samples. A couple vocals which are a little weaker than the rest of the disc, but I'm a fan of this guy.

Streets -- A Grand Don't Come for Free: I thank Music Club for turning me on to this even though it took awhile to finally download. This is awesome and I'll be getting the rest soon.

Frank Zappa -- Joe's Garage parts 1-3: Listening to this again after 20-odd years I find the things that tickled my 18 year old brain still do, and though I still think there are too many 8 minute guitar solos I do appreciate the complexity of the music far more now. At least one disc too long though. And it is sort of a shame that the vulgarity sort of obscures the arrangements. Which is an odd feeling for me since prudishness is not really something I relate to.


  1. Hooray for the Streets. I forgot to mention to you the similarity between Get Out Of MY House and Mardy Bum. The lyrics in Mardy Bum passed right by me until you brought them to my attention in the decade list.
    Tortoise ins jazzy. And vaguely Foghatty. At least how I remember Foghat. It was so long ago.
    Checked out two Zappa albums from the library last week. Kind of afraid to give them a proper listen.

  2. For my Child Psychology class, they have to do a final project describing a person's development from birth to adulthood. They can pick famous people, if they like, and one of my students did his presentation on Frank Zappa -- some great kooky childhood stories!


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