Saturday, October 10, 2009

Stupid Playlists #13 & #17

#13 - Songs With One Word Repeated Three Times (as mentioned at meeting 5):

Baby, Baby, Baby by Aretha Franklin (A selection for the Bridge Theme and the inspiration for this list)
No No No by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Gimme Gimme Gimme by Black Flag
Run, Run, Run by Sly and The Family Stone
Coffee, Coffee, Coffee by Freedy Johnson (Tom T Hall cover)
Please, Please, Please by James Brown
Please Please Please by Fiona Apple
Kiss Kiss Kiss by Yoko Ono (I also have a cover by the Dirtbombs)
Dance Dance Dance by Neil Young
Run Run Run by the Velvet Underground (There's also a cover here by Echo and The Bunnymen that I don't like so much. No reason.)
Da Da Da by Elastica (Cover of a Volkswagon commercial. I also have a Spanish version by Molotov)
Sick, Sick, Sick by Queens of the Stone Age
Cry, Cry, Cry by Elvis Costello (Cover of a Johnny Cash song. I wish I had that version instead.)

Disqualified for having extra words:
The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song by Flaming Lips
Gimme, Gimme, Gimme (A Man After Midnight) by ABBA

#17 - Whistling (I was reminded of it by the Air collaboration)

Alpha Beta Gaga by Air
England Swings by Roger Miller
Patience by Guns and Roses
Support System by Liz Phair
La La Love You by The Pixies
Young Folks by Peter Bjorn and John
Magic Moments by Perry Como
Walk Like An Egyptian by The Bangles
The Crane Takes Flight by Ted Leo & The Pharmacists
The Story Of My Life by Marty Robbins
Yes, I'm Your Angel by Yoko Ono
A bunch of different songs by Andrew Bird
Wind Of Change by The Scorpions
The River Rise (really just the beginning) by Mark Lanegan

It's no Top 40 of the 2000s. It's simply a waste of time.
I apologize.


  1. I forgot all about Andrew Bird when it comes to whistling. The time we saw him live there was some live whistle solos which were pretty impressive.

    Never been able to be much as a whistler myself, but I snap a mean finger.

  2. Oh, and I like the playlists. Not stupid at all.

  3. my Favorite whistling song: "Five years time"
    Noah and the whale

    the band named themselves after one of my favorite movies. "the squid and the whale"

    this is Marcy.

  4. Take, Take, Take by The White Stripes

    Yeah, I saw Andrew Bird a few years ago. Not only is he an exceptional whistler, he can whistle and play violin at the same time.


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