Saturday, October 10, 2009

America"s greatest rock band?

England has The Beatles.
What is the American equivalent?

Do tell.


  1. This isn't necessarily my opinion, but they say there is no great American rock band. England makes great bands (Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Who, The Clash, The Kinks, The Smiths, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin), and America makes great solo artists (Bruce Springsteen, Prince, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Tori Amos). There is no USA in team, but there is UK.

    That being said, The Pixies or the Ramones. The Talking Heads or Sly and The Family Stone. Nirvana or The Doors. Metalica or The Beach Boys.

    You don't have to be a Beatles fan to recognize almost every song they did. I can't really think of an American band that competes with that.

    But, you know, I've never really thought about it.

  2. Wait, Greatful Dead? I don;t really like them, but they might be great.
    Beastie Boys? Vampire Weekend? X?

  3. If Springsteen with E Street Band counts that's my choice......but the first name that came to mind was the Beach Boys.

  4. Option 1:
    They get the band, the Beatles. We get the artist, Elvis.

    Option 2:
    I'm afraid it's the Eagles.

  5. I think I heard a groan somewhere in Ballard.

  6. I learned my lesson, Marcy.
    The Eagles break up was my own personal Twilight Zone episode. The joy of May 23, 1982 cruelly turned to horror as I realize they can now churn out "hits" 5 times faster than before.

    Hate to break the news but your answer is Aerosmith

  7. I'm sorry about the Eagles crack. I should be more sensitive to people's feelings.
    If Bruce had done all of his good work with the E Street band I would go with them, but it looks like Aerosmith might be it. It isn't very satisfying though.


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