Friday, October 9, 2009

Heed my words and take flight.

The holy Roman empire roots for you!


  1. Okay. I am going to take another look at Vampire Weekend. I remember a meeting once where someone said something nice about them. And someone else agreed. And I don't really get it, but I have re-loaded them onto my ipod and will try again.
    You know their lyrics? I am getting so bad at knowing lyrics. I use to lie on the floor and read liner notes while the record played, but no more.

  2. Pat, did VW (Yeah, i'm shortening it to just VW, because i don't have time for long words...) make the greater 200 of the 2000's cut?
    Jim, to be honest I may have said something nice about VW (see above) but what i meant by it was that their fun, i'm worried, i don't want to be the focus of your music scorn.

  3. Now I'm worried. Is my music scorn so obvious? Or so scary? Actually, scary would be good, but obvious not so much.
    Yeah, is VW in the top 200. If it is, I'll try even harder to understand.

  4. I still have high hopes for Oxford Comma, which has made it to the 100 list.

    I think they're worth another try, Jim -- fun, smart and catchy as hell in my opinion.

  5. Oh yeah, VW is wrong about Cape Cod.

    The bears in Provincetown seem alright.


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