Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Paging Doctor Turner

It has come to our attention that despite being a member in good standing of this here Music Club (motto: We sweat these picks, baby!)* we have not actually seen any of your, y'know, choices.

So, we are all eagerly awaiting your three picks for the following themes:

-- 3 songs that define you musically
-- 3 songs with a bridge/section that you love
-- 3 songs featuring women bands and/or singers.
-- 3 songs about or bands from a particular city
-- 3 collaborations

And the latest (and in my opinion best) theme thus far: 3 songs you like. This one is not due until early November (I forget the date).

*we don't have an official motto, but I liked that one.


  1. Okay Pat! You asked for it! Prepare for too much information!
    Music Club: These are my humble contributions.
    1. 3 songs that define me musically:
    Aja - Steely Dan
    If you know me, you know about my Dan fixation
    Everyday I Write the Book - Elvis Costello
    love the back up singers
    River Deep, Mountain High - Ike and Tina Turner
    Wall of sound, agony of love, and Tina would know!!
    2. Bridges I Love:
    Home - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
    Awesome spoken bridge
    Don't Change Your Plans - Ben Folds
    Awesome instrumental bridge (a la Burt Bacharach)
    I Wish You Love - Blossom Dearie
    Awesome classic ABABCBA bridge, awesome song stylings by Ms. Dearie)
    3. Ladies:
    A Case of You - k. d. lang
    BLASPHEMY ALERT: I prefer her voice to Joni's
    Love and Affection - Joan Armatrading
    Gravity - Sara Bareilles
    4. City:
    Freedom of '76 - Ween
    "Boyz II Men still keepin' up the beat, yeah...:
    MotownPhilly - Boyz II Men
    "Doin' a little east coast fling..."
    A Long Walk - Jill Scott
    "Conversation, verbal elation, stimulation..."
    4 Collaborations:
    Heal the Pain - George Michael and Paul McCartney
    Veronica* - Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello
    God Give Me Strength - Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach

    I hope these are not too mockable!
    I like the motto! And, if elected, I will submit my "songs I like" in November!

    *props to Marcy for her input on this category!

  2. That is NOT a vote of confidence...

  3. Is it the Boyz ii Men that takes your voice away?

  4. Okay. Speech back.

    It is shameful that EC hadn't made a showing until now. Then he shows up 3 times.

    I could have gone at least another 5 meetings without Blossom Dearie, but I suppose it was bound to happen eventually.

    Your list was a complete surprise. It is an example, though, of why I enjoy Music Club. Everyone comes up with choices (familiar and foreign, songs I like and songs I hadn't thought about liking, yet) that I just love to hear. I like hearing what everyone thinks about each others choices. I like being exposed to new songs and bands.

    We all showed our choices to each other 3 songs at a time over the course of months. I had time to take it all in. I also had beer for assistance.

    You just dropped 15 songs all at once in our collective lap. I'm sorry if my speechlessness came off as rude, but I kind of had the wind knocked out of me, and I had no beer to guide me.

    If we are voting, I say, "Ay."

    I want to hear this list.

    What's a Boyz II Men?

  5. OK, I didn't find this until just Marcy told me where to look, so sorry about the delay.

    Initial reactions:

    Love the Joan Armatrading song, and I agree with you about the k d lang version of Case of You.

    Nice snake on the collaborations -- Marcy's love of a theme within a theme is coming through there.

    I've only got one Ween disc, but I enjoy the hell out of it -- looking forward to hearing this one (I'll register for Lala so I can hear the embed)......never heard of either Edward Sharpe or Blossom Dearie.

    All in all, that's a tough thing to put together all that in one shot. Bravo.

  6. Yeah, I'd never heard of Edward Sharpe, either, but that is a great song.

  7. Whew! Thanks for the positive feedback, guys! (Sorry it took a while for me to respond - work hit me like a tsunami when I came back in on Wednesday). Jim, you scared me at first, I will admit, but I love your philosophy of music club!

    Can't wait to meet up in person hopefully sometime in December!

  8. Also, we have 12 (although it seems like a lot more) Blossom Dearie CDs at the gallery that occasionally fall into heavy rotation when my boss is in that kind of mood. I like MY ATTORNEY BERNIE, that fact that during the live recording she introduces 2 different songs as the most requested song in her repertoire, and the song with the lyric "Pencils come from Pennsylvania."


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