Thursday, February 2, 2017

Protest Songs

MC - When's our next gathering and what's the theme?  Protest songs sure feels timely...  Like the one I'm stuck on 'White Flag' which goes a little something like this:

I'll be an army
no you're not gonna stop me getting through
I'll sing a marching song and
stomp through the halls
louder than you
I could surrender
but I'd just be pretending
no I'd rather be dead than live a lie
Burn the white flag!


  1. Let's do it! Usually February music club theme is one filled with love but why not rage???

    What date works best for everyone? The 16th or 23rd? I'll start knitting more pussy hats!

  2. I like protest songs, the 23rd is the second date for cooking the charity dinner w/Karen. 16th works for us.

  3. Maybe a 'Joy & Pain' theme, that would give some wiggle room for a lil-bit-o-love and a lil-bit-o-rage ;-)
    Either date works for me

  4. Feb 16th is good for me. I like the theme although I have no idea what I have. It will take some thought.

    Is it corny to have so many fave songs on love and so few on protest? I'm sure I have something, I just need to look.

    Stay safe, you guys. I'll see you soon.


Friday, June 22nd?