Friday, February 17, 2017

Protest Songs Playlist


  1. Next meeting in April when Dr. Gina is in town!!!

    Theme? 🌲O's!!!

  2. What? Since when is the theme pine scented cereal? Does that say the !!! is owned by pine scented cereal? Very confusing.

    !!! is supposedly pronounced something like click-click-click according to the band website.

  3. I’ve listened to Alice’s Restaurant more times in the last 24 hours than the previous 3 years. I supposed that is true for Straight Out Of Vagina as well.

    Curious what the missing members would have brought. Sorry we missed you.

  4. Given my apparent inability to read fully composed emails that confirm when and where we are meeting, I'm going to need a much more explicit depiction of the next theme along with where to be and when. ;-)
    So sorry to have bungled last night... FWIW I had the following on deck. Can I bring them next time?!

    Here in Spirit - Jim James
    Show and Tell - Al Wilson
    White Flag - Joseph (shocker, right?)

  5. I can't wait for April, you guys, and the pine-scented cereal!
    I think I would still have been obsessing about This Land Is Your Land. Is it too embarrassing to pick Man In The Mirror? I already brought Lift Ev'ry Voice And Sing for another theme, so for number 3, since Deb picked Rise Up (YAY!!!)... I'm gonna go with Free Nelson Mandela! Hey, we won that one!

  6. Hey y'all! Is there a day that works for music club between Thursday, April 6 and Sunday, April 10? I can do any of those days as of now. Can't wait!

  7. I do know that I have an opening at the gallery on the 6th and I’m seeing Wire at the Crocodile on the 8th. I think i am free all other nights.

    I think I have already picked my songs and am not going to listen to them until the meeting. Trios, right??

    Anyone want to see Wire with me? I have an extra ticket.


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