Thursday, December 31, 2015

Year End Music Club

Are we ready to reminisce about 2015? Want to meet in blustery cold January? Perhaps the 14th or 21st? Have a happy new year everyone!


  1. Either day works for Pat and I.

  2. The 14th is my vote. I'm in NY the week of the 18th so anything but that should work 😉

  3. Woo-Hoo!!

    The 14th. I will be there. Where?

    What came out last year? Anything good?

    Hi, Everybody.

  4. We're meeting at my place! Plus, I have new music club hosting gear including a Sonos 5 speaker!

  5. Oooh! Sono 5. That sounds good.

    Did y’all have happy new years?

  6. A little music humor for your Friday.
    My niece Emma told me over Christmas that my 15 year old nephew is becoming an indie music guy. "No more Styx and Foreigner?" I asked sadly. "Nope. He's Indie Guy now." :(
    Today Facebook tells me my nephew is interested in attending the Father John Misty show in Seattle.

    I must thank my niece for warning me.

    1. My nephews are still into either Nickleback or Slipknot. Count your blessings.

  7. Is everyone ready to revisit 2015? 2015! Seems like yesterday. See you kids Thursday!

  8. Aww. Nice picture of Bowie, RIP.

    These year-end things wreck me. I’m living in the past, but much farther in it. This is too soon. See y’all Thurs.

  9. This is kind of sweet.

    I’m surprised how faithful a cover it is.

  10. I wonder if the Canadian thing comes into play here.

    1. I can’t imagine that President Obama is anti-Canadian.

      And neither am I, by the way.

      And I’m not really anti-Drake. Although I am, fairly or unfairly, anti-The Tragically Hip.

  11. Happy New Year, guys! I perused the Spotify playlist, and there would have been no repeats by me - Courtney Barnett is represented (whooohoo!!!), so I won't duplicate the artist (I'm seeing her in Philly in May!!!)

    Enjoy (hopefully)! Can't wait to listen to yours!

    Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats - S.O.B.

    Benjamin Clementine - Nemesis

    Lianne La Havas – What You Don't Do

  12. Cool list, guys!

    I was going to guess which songs were which person's. At first, I thought the list made it pretty clear, with each person's in a clump of their 3 picks, except I'm not sure about Deb and J.? And Greg? So for what it's worth, I think the order is:

    Marcy: Rise up, Wilco!

    Pat: LOVE Go!, especially after my visit to Kennedy Space Center on Jan. 3! SPACE!!!

    J.(?): Ooo, I dug Diane Coffee! Groovy!!!

    Deb(?): Who did the Drake dance while the song played? Please say it was Jim.

    Greg(?): Adore Daffodil Days - it's like Stephen Merritt and Belle and Sebastian had a baby (kinda)!

    Jim: At first I thought: "Pops Staples is still alive?!?" Then I read the Spotify bio. Thanks, Mavis and Tweedys!


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