Monday, October 19, 2015

Ahem...Jamiroquai hat, BABY! recollection is that Greg & J are coming up with the next Music Club theme.  I have not seen any such theme as of yet.

Without a theme to guide me I will tend to wander into the avant garde, and let's face it, nobody wants that.


  1. Do you find yourself anxious, nervous, excited, wondering what in God's name 'those two' are going to deploy upon the unsuspecting MC community for the next gathering? We thinks the answer is YES! And dare we say that's in part exactly why we are so enjoying being on point for the next theme?!

    You should know, what you're feeling today is only the beginning as there is a theme. Oh yes, it's been planned. Well then "Reveal it!" you might say. Mmmm, no. The theme, and it's a good one, will only be revealed 48 hours prior to our next gathering.

    You see we are introducing a time constraint element to the selection process. When we land a date for the next gathering, 48 hours prior, all will be revealed and you will have what we feel is ample time to make your selections. So, unless we are going to get together this Wed. night, well, we are just not in a position to say much more. In fact, I feel I've already said too much! Let's land a date and until we do...

    We bid you happy stewing!

  2. I forget. Are these guys Scorpios. They act like Scorpios.

  3. I'd be thrilled for MC to come to my new digs!
    What's the chance y'all could make it to Crown Hill this Thursday?
    Can you tell I'm dying to know the theme?

  4. I can't do Thursday, but I can do Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.

    I kind of like the time constraint. J makes "constraint" sound more bondagey than usual, but whatever.

  5. No. Can. Do.

    I'm out Thursday - Monday. sorry. Ali's Dad is in town, Dave's getting Married, I'm getting drunk.

  6. Congrats to Dave! It's good for us to stew for a bit.

  7. Nov 12th? I'm in NY the week prior...

  8. NOVEMBER 12TH!!!!!!
    Looking forward to hearing more on the 10th.

  9. So the theme is J & Greg Get A Head Start. Sounds fun.

  10. All I can say is the longer I wait without a theme, the more I end up just coming up with stuff on my own.

    Now where was that post-industrial musique concrete' I was looking for......

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  12. TOMORROW'S THE DAY!!!!! Anyone else on the edge of their seat?

  13. Replies
    1. If it’s Christmas songs, I got dibs on that one Waitresses song.

  14. 48 Hours from MC would put us at 7p PST.

    Oh the anticipa...

  15. I Am Waiting by Rolling Stones
    I’ve Been Waiting by Matthew Sweet
    Crying, Waiting, Hoping by Karen Elson
    Watch What Happens by Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66
    I’m Waiting For The Man by Velvet Underground
    Tired of Waiting For You by the Kinks
    Anticipation by Carly Simon
    Patience by Guns and Roses

  16. Funny How Time Slips Away by Willie Nelson
    Funny How Time Slips Away by Elvis
    Funny How Time Slips Away by Al Green
    (It's) Too Late Baby by Foxy Shazam

  17. "WAIT FOR IT" Hamilton soundtrack

  18. Awesome. Thanks, J and Greg.

    Seems like fun.

  19. 13 minutes,,, Will there be a countdown?

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