Saturday, December 6, 2014

Sad State of Golden Statue Affairs

This might be the first year I don't watch (or maybe even care...) about the Grammy's. Perhaps I'm late to that game?  Is it my age (careful how you answer that!)?  Is the bar just lower because of the state of "popular" music?

Save for one artist in the Song of the Year category who is on my best of 2014, all I see is rubbish here... Discuss.


  1. I may not be invested enough to watch the show but I am pulling for St. Vincent for best alternative album.

  2. Is is more about what's "popular" than usual? I only say that because I actually recognize many of the names. I am not cool.

    I am, however, obsessed with Sam Smith (of course - it's like they computer generated a singer based on my specifications), and think he should win all of the awards.