Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Can I see a show of hands?

What's the best way to describe our music club in 28 characters or less?  Would it be our blog name "Stingless Music Club"?   Maybe "Music Club with a Hat"?    "Music Club Tastemakers at Work" is over 28 characters even though it describes us perfectly.  
Speak to me!


  1. If spaces do not count I have one with exactly 28 characters:

    An Admirable Yet Doomed Endeavor

  2. "Music! Music! Music! Music! Musi"

    (PS: I am seeing Sting tomorrow night on Broadway. Am I still allowed to be a member?)

  3. Good suggestions but I went with "MUSIC CLUB: est. 2008" so our group will be remembered in the new KEXP building.

    What is Sting doing on Broadway? On the topic of Sting, the author of a memoir I'm reading wrote that hipsters love Prince and hate Sting.

  4. That's so cool, Marcy!
    Sting took over a part in his musical, The Last Ship, for a month, to drum up ticket sales. Clearly it worked! (And I loved it!)


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