Monday, October 13, 2014

Don't cover me

Driving into work today KEXP was playing a cover of Walk on the Wild Side by Joseph Arthur and while it was a fine and worthy cover because I like the song so much I couldn't help but hear the original version in my head the whole time which made it an awkward listening experience.

So it struck me that maybe some songs don't need to be covered because the original just got it perfect the first time.

What are some other ones?


  1. In my experience one should not cover Hey, Jude (although it is fun to hear how bad the cover can be) and How Soon Is Now (without the guitar played exactly the way Johnny Marr plays it, it will only disappoint).

  2. This topic started a lively conversation on our road trip. Driving thru the autumn Cape Cod scenery while going all joshwild about good and bad covers = a fantastic road trip.


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