Saturday, September 27, 2014

Who Am I?

5 foot 8.

Eyes of Hazel.

Visited the gallery yesterday.

Sent my money guy the next day to pay in cash.

When Jim's co-worker said “Hello” to me, I did not reply. She will not shut-up about it. Says it is a Downton Abbey kind of thing where you don’t speak to a Sir until you are spoken to, or something like that. She’s really upset. I looked in Jim's direction at least when he said “Hello”. I may have nodded my head, but I was limping so it could have been an accidental movement of the head.

Got Jim thinking about the commercial that either happened or didn’t but he still imagines it did. The one for Vidal Sassoon where I sings “Sassoon says so much.”

Who am I?


  1. Wow, good guess, but he 5 foot, 5 inches.


  2. What? Sir Elton came back? He must have liked what he purchased from the gallery last time. Hmm, I think I could get him to talk to me, Sir or no Sir, do you think a reference to Madman Across the Water would be a proper icebreaker?

  3. I was going to guess Mark Lanegan but I don't think he has a money guy. Surprised it wasn't Elton.

    Rod Stewart? He might have a coke guy at least.

  4. Oh, no. It was Sir John alright.

    What are you implying about Rod, Pat?

    How would you slip a casual reference to Madman across the Water into conversation, Deb?

  5. What shade of blonde is he? It looks kinda brassy in photos.

  6. I would have asked him how Watford is doing this season.

  7. It wasn’t brassy in person, but there were no spotlights on him at the time.

    I know I should just to an internet search for Watford, but I’d rather ask you. What’s Watford? Does he live there? I thought he lived in Atlanta for some reason.

    Does everyone remember that chili we had last meeting? I liked that chili so much.

  8. Just so you know my search history now has the questions "what color is elton john’s eyes" and "how tall is afrika bambaataa” and now “what is watford”.

  9. I guess you know now since you searched for it, but it is a soccer team in London. He has been a lifetime Watford FC supporter and I believe was a part owner at least once. He might also have some sort of honorary supporter title, I'll try and remember to see what Wiki has on it later.....

    Anyway, it's my theory that even people who don't deign to common conversation will say something if you ask them about their favorite team.

  10. Yeah, he is president for life or some such. He bought it twice, so that sounds a lot like love.

    You suppose there’s a special war to say Watford? Like Wutfud? Wattfid? Wiffer?


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