Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Next Nominee Could Be...

The last meeting was on an unusual day of the week, a couple hours earlier than usual, in a new venue, and what with the holidays and a broken printer, I didn’t properly prepare a nomination process for the next Unofficial Music Club Hall of Fame inductees. Elvis and Bruce are lonely at the top and are looking for a friend.

This time around there is no hat, no slips of paper and no luck of the draw.

Everyone choose three artists or bands to induct. They all have to have been selected at least once for a Music Club meeting, regardless of theme. Of your three choices, one of them should have not been brought to Music Club by you. The other two can have been, but don’t have to have been, brought by you. (What tenses did I just use? Were there better tenses? Could there have been?)

Please send your nominations to

I hope that all makes sense. To be perfectly honest I don’t have much of an idea what happens once the nominations are in, but I’m sure I’ll think of something. Maybe you have a suggestion you can send along with your nominations.

Viva La UMCHoF!


  1. The nominations have been rolling in. You guys have made some excellent choices. Some questionable ones, too. If you haven't sent in your nominations yet, there is still time.

    Remember, send them to

    Way to be awesome.

  2. Can I nominate even though I can't be there to argue my case? When is the committee convening? Can I hire a proxy? Is payola allowed?

  3. I would say:
    Probably next meeting, but that's still up in the air.
    Yes, but I doubt that's necessary.
    No, but that answer will not stop those who really want to do it. I suppose it depends on who you Payolate. Some members are certainly more susceptible than others.
    I hope that's helpful.

  4. Hi Music Club! I was deciding on my submissions, I revisited as many old lists as I could find on the blog, and thus was reminded of this song - enjoy!

  5. Jim, you have outdone yourself! I have been scrutinizing my screener materials since yesterday. It's an education in rock-n-roll history! I love hearing sounds from the early songs (like blues, folk, and psychedelia) in modern songs, and thinking about influences. I thought was disappointed in one artist's 2nd song, but upon a second (and then 3rd...) listen, it has totally grown on me! I won't say who... Also, the longevity of some of these guys, holy cow! I also have a new motto ("Killing is out, school is in!!").

    You are also an evil genius - I very well may be ranking two artists higher than two of my own nominations! I'll be dropping this in the mail today, so that I can't keep agonizing over it!

  6. Oh, thank God.

    I sent it all out just before a long weekend in the mountains. When i came back I supposed I expected some confused or complaining email about who didn’t make it on the list or if someone could make a substitution or how come I have to do it this way instead of this other way or why doesn’t my screener CD work, who uses CDs anymore anyway? But when no one said anything I was afraid maybe I didn’t put the correct postage on or got the wrong addresses or the real Hall of Fame got wind of it and intervened with the post office.

    I feel I should be using more commas in the comment.

    I’m glad your enjoying the process. It all feels like a craft project on my end, all glue stick and glitter with an election at the end.

  7. Dear Ms. Flick,

    Thank you for, in this process, introducing me to what is now my new favorite jam! And for giving me a reason to make a spreadsheet!

    K.I.O.! S.I.I.!

  8. I thought I was going to have to buy JB’s last album from Amazon (which I have never done because I have no Paypals) because, while you can get his first album on iTunes, you can’t get his last. For the artists who have been around forever and had a million albums, it’s curious how it is decided which albums will be available on iTunes and which won’t.

    I was glad to find KIOSII floating about on the internet.

  9. Hey, thanks to everyone for sending in your ballots. I'm still waiting for a couple. Once they show I'll start the tabulation. I've been home sick yesterday and today so I'm bored and am itching to start.

    Your votes are interesting. Lots of variation. A little bit of grumbling on the shittiness (spellcheck is pretty sure I mean "shiftiness") of this particular list. Evidently the nomination process could use some tweaking. See you next week.


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