Friday, December 20, 2013

I'll Admit It

I like Walkin' On The Sun by Smashmouth.


  1. Like Like or liiiiiike or I'd marry that Smashmouth song if Washington state permitted me to be married to a person and/or a song at the same time or like as in me and that song hung out all afternoon and watched Whale Wars and ate all the Wheat Thins and drank all of the Redhook? I'm confused, could you be more specific. thanks.

  2. It's a TV show about Whales fighting each other because of border disagreements, aggressive economic policies aimed at punitively punishing one set of whale over another, lady whales acting all uppity and dissing one guy whale at a whale club and making shit up about them, passive aggressive lane changes on wet snowy whale streets that lead to whale altercations in the middle of intersections, really there's a lot of things that could start a Whale War.

  3. I like it in a way that I would playfully punch it in the shoulder while drinking some beers but if it wanted to share some sort of feelings with me I'd get uncomfortable, try and come up with a witty insult in return then come up with an excuse to leave soon afterwards and get home and tell Deb "Smashmouth got a little too personal today".

    Firmly against whale hate crimes though.

  4. Okay, so I’m not so good with names. I knew I probably knew Walking On The Sun, and I knew I did know Smash Mouth, not real well, but, you know, out on the town, friends of friends. I went to I-tunes and played the preview. I totally met that song before. I don’t know where. It was goofy when I first heard it. Not really my type, but seemed like fun. I could hang out for a little bit. Have a beer or something. But Pat is right, more than one beer and this song is gonna get super intimate, super quick. Very awkward. I don’t go to that bar anymore because it’s probably still on the jukebox and I going to accidentally tap my foot or something and give the wrong signals.

  5. I think it's OK as long as you only tap your right foot. I think.

  6. Are any of you blogger savvy enough to add a LIKE button to the comment section? Cuz I'm liking the hell out of this thread.

  7. My life is a pleasant one. I enjoy the arts. I don’t own a television, although I do watch the occasional Di Carteau or Bisquel film on Netflix (though I despise that name.) My interests in music can be challenging, even difficult, but they are not without their sly wit or rambunctiousness.

    I have read with great interest your discussion of this song. I have heard of Smash Mouth (also a vulgar name), but had not made the acquaintance of Walking On The Sun. Although, in my youth, I had spent many a night listening to Walking On Sunshine, chuckling at the conceit that particles of light could solidify to form some sort of platform or walkway. Amusing.

    In a fit of good humor I purchased Walking On The Sun in the hopes I would gain some sort of insight into your recent posts. That song is a horror. His voice is remeniscent of the engine of the small motor bike my neighbor seems to enjoy so. The true travesty though is the outrageous whole cloth theft of Swan’s Splashdown as the basis of this “song".

    Perry & Kingsley were true pioneers. That their legacy would be sullied by this abomination simply makes me sick. Please, I must insist, avoid this Smash Mouth and turn your attention to Perry & Kingsley. Then, prepare to enter a world of thought and meditation, that only Swan’s Splashdown can bring. Thank you.


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