Saturday, October 22, 2011


So I have a question. Is genius really, you know, genius?
I did a test and genius-ized DEATH BY PERFECTION from Music CLub 7 (thanks, Gina).
Does this seem like a thought out playlist worthy of genius, or am I expecting to much? How did Them Crooked Vultures get in there? With How You Like ME Now and Dog & Butterfly?


  1. I find that Genius tends to lose the thread after about 5 - 10 songs. It's like it has the beginning stages of Alzheimer's and forgets where it was going with the whole playlist thing, but doesn't want anyone to know.
    Jim, I heard Joe Cocker's "Cry Me A River" this morning driving to work, and thought "Hey, that's Jim's song!"

  2. I can think of no greater praise.

    I am speaking of Cry Me A River, not the Alzheimer's thing. That being Jim's song is what I think is praisey, not the horrible sad loss of memory and stuff.

    The idea that Alzheimer's could in some way be connected to genius is interesting. Not encouraging by any means, but interesting,

    I like to use Genius sometimes because it does lose the thread, but sometimes I might just as well do shuffle. So then I do shuffle.

  3. Okay, so I've been toying with it and i think I like it. I am starting to see (hear) the connections.
    I think.

  4. FYI, didn't mean to make light of Alzheimer's. I actually found it poignant that Genius might have some personal, private struggles of its own. Poor Genius.


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