Monday, October 24, 2011


Itunes gift card arrives in mail the same day Tom Waits new album releases.  Hmmm, maybe I don't have to buy EVERY CD he puts out.


  1. Do you think Tom cares? Would he rather you have the physical thing or could really not care less?
    Also, you don't have to do anything.
    There is one Mark Lanegan CD I don't buy. I listened to it a few times and decided against. I don't even have it digitally. I have restraint.

  2. The new Waits is getting me thru the Viaduct closure and likely will carry me thru into the next decade.

  3. Marcy-
    You like TW, right? He has like 15 or 72 albums, right?
    Can you give me a top 5?
    I have some. By no means do I have what you could consider a lot.
    Help me out.

  4. 1. Rain Dogs
    2. Bone Machine
    3. The Heart of Saturday Night
    4. Small Change
    5. Swordfishtrombones or Mule Variations

    This new one killed me on the first listen so I think it's going to chart really high. I bought my first album (Rain Dogs) because I read in a magazine that you pretty much had to buy the thing. I had never heard a single track. The first track begins and I was "what?" so I guess love at first sight didn't happen.
    Then "Tango til We're Sore" came up and I was "SOLD!"

  5. Have you guys hear the Tom Waits interview on Fresh Air? I got home after driving for an hour and a half, and had to sit there in the dark listening until it was over.

  6. Wasn't that the most delightful interview ever? Here is my favorite TW quote. When asked his ideal of heaven.

    A: Me and my wife on Rte. 66 with a pot of coffee, a cheap guitar, pawnshop tape recorder in a Motel 6, and a car that runs good parked right by the door.


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