Wednesday, September 21, 2011

So, the new Wilco record

NPR is streaming it this week.  I listened to it on my ear buds at work while I was doing some bullshit crap for the coffee man and I was like "It's alright."   I've been playing the Stephen Malkmus album non-stop (I'm seeing him in two weeks!!!!!!) so I had to adjust.  
I listened to it again at work today in a better frame of mind and thought "yes, i'm getting Summerteeth AND A Ghost is Born."  And then.
NPR has this handy app for iphones where you can listen to the albums on your phone so now I'm listening to the album LOUD on SPEAKERS in the comfort of my home and I'm really digging it.


  1. It sound a lot like Wilco, don't you think? I'm not complaining. It just seems like an obvious direction.

  2. Yeah, there's some stuff on there that I won't remember. But the last song is everything I want in my music.

    When I was younger (turntable younger) and I really loved a song, I would keep the needle up so that the record would play over and over and over. Sometimes I would kinda nap while I listened on repeat. This song makes me want extra time on my hands and a turntable again SO BAD.


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