Sunday, September 25, 2011

Alison on the radio

So I used to listen to A Prairie Home Companion on Sundays. Mostly it annoyed me, but occasionally something interesting would come up. I always liked the Ketchup skit.
Anyway, I stopped listening a while back, but I happened to turn it on this morning. Nick Lowe was on and he just sang the sweetest version of ALISON. It was so sad.
I probably won't listen to APHC much in the future, but this was a nice goodbye.


  1. So Nick Lowe has morphed into a gray haired Elvis Costello.

    I guess on some level it was inevitable.

  2. I hadn't noticed that when i added the pic, but it does look like he is doing his best EC impression.

  3. Nick Lowe is playing some accoustic shows next month at The Triple Door.

  4. Shelby Lynne is also, but on our farm dinner night. Oh, well. Do you guys like the Triple Door? We went once and the show wasn't so good, but it was also not easy to get a drink which made the show worse.

  5. They played a track from Nick's Lowe's new CD on Swinging Doors tonight. It was gorgeous. Man, his voice has aged beautifully. Now I want to see The Triple Door show.
    I like Triple Door shows. They end early.

  6. Marcy-
    How was the Nick Lowe show? He play "The Safety Dance"? What about "The Final Countdown"?


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