Thursday, June 30, 2011

Get Your Brit On

Does July 14th work for everyone?


  1. Uh, oh. I am not getting some of these posts. I am worried. This is my life line. I could figuratively drown without this.

    I believe I can do the 14th.

    Yo La Tengo - Not British, Mexican.
    Madonna - Not British, but don't tell her that.
    The Pretenders - 3/4 British when they started, I think like 1/5 British now. Are they from there though? That's where they started.

    Has anyone else noticed how Radiohead's AIRBAG's drumming is soooo much better than Erasure's A LITTLE RESPECT's drumming. I'm just saying.

    CAROL BROWN is super funny when the past girlfriends start commenting and he has to tell them, "I thought I told you to shut up."

  2. I haven't been getting the email alerts either. I goofed around with some of the settings. Maybe I made it better. Maybe not.
    I would LOVE a music club for favorite drum songs!!!!

  3. 14th is good! Pip pip, cheerio!

  4. I keep trying to post a comment but for someone reason am getting kicked out. Huh, is someone trying to tell me something... Did my selection of Brand New Key get me kicked out of music club, really? It isn't any worse that Strokin by Clarence Carter... OH, never mind...

    What I'm really here to say is that the 14th will work for both Pat and I (as long as I am still in good standing that is) and that we are happy to host. If the weather is nice we can listen to the cool sounds and styling of British music.

    Hey Larry, if you're out there anywhere and paying attention to the going ons of this little slice of music heaven you should try and join us on the 14th. Three songs by British artists is the theme. In honor of a special appearance by a Brit amongs our midst. (Shout out to Drayson!)

  5. It would seem that Debbie=Anonymous only way I could post... I now officially have a complex about my standing in this music club...

  6. Deb, the Dollyrots and Dana Stevens on the Slate Culture Gabfest) are with you on Brand New Key! This is a fun playlist!

    The Culture Gabfest "Summer Strut" Mixtape
    The Slate Culture Gabfest's listeners nominate the best summer songs to kick-start your day.

  7. We're saluting the Brits on Bastille Day. I feel dirty.

  8. Nothing a lovely French Rose won't cure...

  9. Music Club Eve.

    Pulse is racing.
    Sweat on the brow.
    Twirling hair (more than usual)



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