Friday, November 12, 2010

Mr. Smith

My favorite Elliott Smith song "Waltz #2" played on the radio as I was driving into work today. I realized I haven't submitted any of his songs yet for music club. How can that be? A few personal nuggets regarding ES.

Ali and I sauntered up next to him at Sorry Charlies which was all kinds of awesome except that he seemed so very forlorn.

I played "Either/Or" at least once every day in 1997 (except for the two weeks I was in Italy). I was fed up with work and took a leave of absence. Instead of shuffling paper around, I played this album while drinking coffee in my pj's.

Gina, Politi and I went on a roadtrip to Portland for a concert (Coldplay, can you stand it?) in 2001. We ended up in some bar where I met another ES super fan (we are many, especially in Portland). He regaled me with all sorts of great stories about RS (sadly I don't remember any of them). It may still be my favorite conversation I've had with a stranger in a bar.


  1. I have no personal interactions with the man, but I like his music.
    If you read this book:

    There is a nice little anecdote about Elliott and Celine. It's sweet.

  2. Also, I have no favorite conversation with a total stranger. That's just frightening.


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