Thursday, November 18, 2010

Birthday request?

My birthday is Tuesday, November 30th. There is nothing I would rather do than have my music club over for champagne, pizza and beer.
What do you guys think?

Oh yeah, no theme just the idea of a helluva good playlist!!!!



  1. Damn! Damn? Damn!
    I'll be in Miami wishing I were here instead. Sincerely? Yes! Yes! Yes!
    Happy Birthday.

  2. Deb and Pat- IN!!!! Ahh Jim. We will miss you. You could always send suggestions for a special Marcy edition, and I will make sure to pipe in with "Oh I Love This Song" at the beginning of each one.

  3. A special Marcy edition. I like the sound of that very much. Gosh Jim, what makes one go to Miami this time of year? The cold getting to you? Buck up and put on another sweater! i guess I'm just kinda sad you won't be here.
    We still have our most fantastic year end edition! 2010, you had me at January 1.

  4. I wanna come!!!! WAAAAAH!!!!
    I'll send a song or two by way of Deb (only if she also promises to say "Oh I Love This Song"!!)

  5. Is anybody thinking we should bring 4 or 5 songs tonight since we're only a Quartet tonight?

  6. Thanks so much MC for being everything I want in a birthday: music, friends and candles. I'm going to bed on my birthday with a big ass grin on my face

  7. Also I am sick, sick I tell ya', that I not only missed this B-day event, but I neglected to submit songs for the mix.
    My deepest apologies.


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