Saturday, October 2, 2010

You know what else?

More music, that's what else.
I saw Dirty Projectors Thursday night. Didn't really know what to expect. Heard an album before. Can't say I liked it. Very mathy. Lots of time signatures that seemed anti-know-what-the-hell-is-going-on. I tried listening to them Thursday morning before catching the bus to work. Made me tense. Listened to some NPR podcast instead. Calmed me right down.
Anyhow, went with a couple South Park neighbors. Met one of their touchy-feely friends. Nice enough guy, but, "Dude, you can look but keep your hands to yourself." You know what I'm saying? No? Forget that part then.
Surprise! Dirty Projectors were good. Not great music so much, though they obviously know what they are doing. It was arty. Very, very arty. Asymmetrical as all get out. People were dancing the shit out of the place, though. I liked them. Respect them. Ipod listening still makes me a little tense, but I actually bought one of their CDs at the show.
Did I mention it's a CD of covers?


  1. Oh, also, high, high voices. Like chirpy, high voices. Is that a thing now? I think I hear it in a bunch of new stuff.
    I find I cut art a lot of slack that I don't cut for music. I'll look into that.
    And how was the wedding/second line good times. I pretended I was a Tyrannosaurus Rex while you were gone. What did you do?

  2. Bravo Jim! Am I getting that you saw music two nights in a row?
    That's an impressive feat.
    The dirty Projectors make me a bit edgy too. Kinda like how I feel about The New Pornographers but even more so. Plus the guys voice is almost off-putting for me but I bet they have an interesting spin on the covers.

  3. The New Pornographers make you edgy? Why?

    Totally get it on Dirty Projectors. Shifting time signatures make me feel nervous. Change seems much better in theory than actuality. Or something.