Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pat, Is there a reason you didn't yell this one from the mountain top?

Thursday. Aug.19.10


  1. I didn't know! Never seen Camper in all these years, I may have to break my club show on weeknights rule for this.

    By the way, I find the white on black both harder to read with my tired eyes and more conspicuous (sp?) at work.

  2. That's funny. Because the blog is conspicuous, it looks arty, and therefore less conspicuous for looking at an art gallery, but even the artiest blogs and websites have started purposely trying to look not arty, or like a normal blog or site, in fact the more normal a site looks the artier it turns out to be, so therefore an arty looking blog is actually the least arty most the time and art in these instances can be synonymous with pretentious and/or ludicrous (which I believe I spelled as the rap moniker until spell-check told me i was an idiot and I should really go back to school).

    Not to be a downer, but isn't the guy from Cracker also in CVB? If he plays in both bands, won't he be really tired during the show? I mean, he's not as old as Gene Simmons, but he's no Justin Bieber either. Which by the way was an abandoned mama and baby song. What hooks up with a Kiss song (God Of Thunder) to make a Justen Beebir song(One Less Lonely Girl)?

  3. Just so you know- I had to look up the Bieber song in Wikipedia. I swear on my cat's life that I could not even recognize a song by him if you played it for me. In fact I've never even heard of the guy. Justin who now? How about those Mariners, huh? It's an outrage, am I right?

  4. True, he could get pretty tired by the end of the night. But I guess that's why God invented speed (however, speedo's are just inexcusable).

    I wouldn't recognize a Justin Beiber song but I don't think any the less of you for singing along with it, or knowing the lyrics by heart. I did see him once interviewed by Chelsea Handler which involved some pretty skeevy flirting on both sides that generally made me uncomfortable.

    The Mariners are indeed an outrage and the Sounders are a disappointment. Good thing I've got Music Club to soothe my soul.

    I'll probably get used to the white on black, and I don't want Marcy to change it just on my account, it just surprised me and we all know that change terrifies me.

  5. So I didn't know who Chelsea Handler was, but this handy (though typically annoying) little link appeared in my email that allowed me to find out she is 35 and therefore to old to flirt with a 12 year-old with making you uncomfortable.

    In your previous post my email created a link for "tired eyes". They were all music related, too. High 5!

  6. I love a Justin Bieber song. It is called Baby. The chorus is: "Baby, baby, baby, ohhhhh, baby, baby, baby, ohhhh!" It is a brilliant song.

    There, I said it.

  7. remember when we all liked Justin Timberlake? he brought Sexy back, for God's sake and now we barely remember him... that's sad.

    baby, baby oh, baby, baby, baby...

    hey, anybody listened to the new Mash Hall?

  8. It sounds wonderful. That could be an awesome music baby, baby. Oh.

    And what do I find but an entirely different color scheme on the blog! I like this much better.

    I'm curious what the "tired eyes" links went to. All I can think of is "lyin' eyes". Or "doctor my eyes".

    Greg posted before I was done with this one but I can say that I've never heard of Mash Hall, so that's no help.

  9. I think he meant Marsh Hall.
    Yes, I have been listening quite a bit.

  10. Also, I'm not bragging but one of my choices for the bridge meeting was called Baby, Baby, Baby.
    I'm looking forward to hearing Justyn Beabyr's tune.

  11. that guy KILLS "worthy of the lamb"... He Kills it... but i feel like i've tipped my hand for this weeks meeting...

    I love the totally awkward look on the guys faces... all of those dudes came to the Marsh Hall gig for the ladies... and there's 3 there... and they're sitting in back... damn damn damn. And WHY is Marsh Hall's sister-in- law PAM trying to jump in on the chorus, tell her and her good for nothing husband Clem to sit down and let Marsh ROCK...

    I shouldn't be allowed to work from home.

  12. It's not often I'm short a song the day of music club. Hmm.

  13. Hi-
    Where are we meeting tonight?

    I am short the Papa song also. I kind of ignored Carol last night. "Can't talk now, Carol. I gotta baby to deliver. But tell me, do you think these songs sound like parent songs to this third song?"
    "Shouldn't one of them have a girl vocal if it is a Mama song?"
    "Um... not exactly. Mama and Papa songs just mean they begat the baby song. It isn't necessarily a boy and a girl."
    "Well, I keep thinking you should have a female vocal. How about Billie Holiday? She's good and moody. It should be moody."
    "Hmm... Yeah, that doesn't really sound like... you know what, I'll think about that. Thanks."
    "Sorry. Did I screw you up?"
    "No, that's cool. I'm gonna go over here and figure this out"
    "Good luck."

  14. It's at Marcy's.

    I don't have an actual Papa/Mama as it turns out. I think of them more as some sort of vague androgynous creatures that somehow managed to replicate. I'm a romantic at heart.

    Actually right now it's more of an amoeba since I only have the one parent. But moody doesn't quite work for what I'm looking for either. Messy does, but that's really not the same thing except for the first and last letter.

  15. See, that 's just a better way of explaining it. My baby analogy was way over -extended. Ameobaish is more like it.

  16. I'm so progressive, my baby song has two daddies... but alas, predictable and sad... even though I have my pics, I hate my pics... I heart Music Club.

  17. Two Sad Daddies might be a good name for a band.

  18. I'm telling you all right now, before you meet the baby, it's adopted; just in case you don't see the resemblance.

  19. My song family has kind of a strained relationship. Ma and Pa aren't really speaking to each other right now. And the kid is a disappointment, no doubt about it.
    I'll be lucky if they don't sit and sulk the entire meeting.

  20. "Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way."

    Leo Tolstoy

  21. Ooh, Russian quote. Well played.

  22. Next time: songs that remind you of Russia.

  23. Oooh, The Spy Who Loved Me. Secret Agent Man. "Russians" by Sting.



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