Friday, March 19, 2010

You Have Shown Me What Love Is

and I am thankful for that but I think I'm missing a couple of the selections and I don't know which ones they are because we didn't have a list to read off of last night though we should have asked the neighbors if they could post the selections on their reader board then we could all read it at the same time but since that isn't how we did it then I simply don't know what I was supposed to get and I'm not complaining I'm just saying.
Also the tacos were good.


  1. Oh, and also, the following words were used to describe a series of paintings. I would like us to begin using similar words to describe our song choices at future meetings.

    "These are really exciting and fantastic new works. Through her use of intense color and her visceral application of paint, the artist creates abstract planes that exist in a constant state of flux and conflict. Raw areas of pure, primary color butt up against focused linear details, these shifting environments at once both unstable landscapes and architectural anomalies. The undulating surfaces created are simultaneously seductively enthralling and organically crude. By having no fixed resolution in mind, her paintings adopt the interpretative possibility of text; the surface of her canvases becoming both visual and temporal narratives through their spatial presence and her sedimentary application of paint. The evolutionary quality of her paintings allows an emotional intensity that roams the course from somber contemplation to joyful spontaneity.

    Her canny knack for whimsy permits a delicate balance to exist between purely decorative gestures and those of grotesque vulgarity."

    Please join me as I ruin Music Club.
    To be fair, the paintings were pretty.

  2. I'll post the list tomorrow. We'llget this sorted out.
    Were we all tipsy or are we REALLY doing a dance theme?
    I'm worried.

  3. Cuz there's nothing whimsical about disco.

  4. Did you ever figure out which songs you were missing?

  5. I did figure it out. Then I went on vacation for only 4 days, but that was enough time to forget everything. So I have to refigure it out. I think it was a couple of Marcy picks, but I'll let you know for sure.


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