Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oh Hey!

I went to that one before. I was awkward and standoffish, so I'm not going again, but, you know, do whatever you want.


  1. Jim,
    You just need to come Karaoke with me, gina, and Deb. Seriously.

  2. Jim, I looked at the song list. You went for the Tupac, right?

  3. I Found My Smile Again - D'Angelo

    given the week this guy has had do you think this is appropriate?

  4. Who doesn't like smiling?
    I may never karaoke again. When they say Tupac is hard, I always thought they meant, like, tough. I think they really meant difficult to sing along with in public.

  5. Ah GB, everyone gets lonely sometimes.

  6. So this was written about the Arty Karaoke night. Is it any good? I dozed off a little ways into it.


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