Thursday, January 21, 2010

& The Rest.

It was pointed out to me that my single act of laziness (not learning how to post the music from Lala on this site) was depriving others of their acts of laziness (just clicking on a link I provide instead of searching for each individual song) and that the sacrifice of the one (me) for the good of the many (you) is the way to go.

Well I figured out how to get 30 of the 40 onto a playlist. As my Granny used to say, "3/4 of a sacrifice is better than none."


21. No Moon At All by Julie London (1:53)

“What a perfect chance to park and there’s no moon at all”

Oh, Julie, I'm blushing.

22. Now And Always by Rockpile (1:57)

A pleasant little guitar part backing a guy talking about how he is so afraid his current situation is going to last forever. He talks about punching the wall and wanting to commit suicide. It’s a pretty song, though.

23. Judy Is A Punk by The Ramones (1:33)

So many Ramones tunes to choose from in so little time. I chose this one because the background vocals stick in my head.

24. Look To Tomorrow by Now Time Delegation (1:10)

Man, I like her voice.

25. Teenage FBI by Guided By Voices (1:39)

Sometimes you need someone to tell you why you do the things that you don't want to do when you're a teenager. Someone with powers of deductive reasoning. Someone with all the resources that the FBI has, only for teenagers. But, more likely, you would end up in some Teenage Gitmo.

26. Love Is All Around by Hüsker Dü (1:48)

I like the part where I see Bob Mould spinning around in the street and tossing his hat into the air. He's gonna make it after all. You know?

27. Three Girl Rhumba by Wire (1:23)

Pink Flag is one of those albums with 20 or so songs, 18 or so less than 2 minutes long.

28. Political Song For Michael Jackson To Sing by Minutemen (1:31)

The Minutemen specialized in short songs. Punk because they only sound like themselves not because they sound like other punks. I think the Minutemen actually confused a lot of punk kids, because they didn't fit the mold.

29. Bombed by Mark Lanegan Band (1:09)

"When I'm bombed, I stretch like bubblegum." I believe Mark has had extensive experience being bombed.

30. Her Majesty by The Beatles (0:23)

When I sing along, I always sing the last note of the guitar.

31. Come On Now by The Kinks (1:49)

The Kinks were in a hurry. This was also written as So Tired Of Waiting For You.

32. Karate by Tenacious D (1:07)

In 1:07 they mention Tieneman Square, pubic hair and Motherfucker a couple times each.

33. Man by Yeah Yeah Yeahs (1:50)

Seriously, who doesn’t have a man that makes them want to kill or die or whatever. Am I right? High-five!

34. The Wind by Cat Stevens (1:42)

I think this is used in commercials now. To sell cars or banks or something. If you learn just one thing from this song, it should be that swimming upon the Devil’s lake is a mistake you should not repeat.

35. The Happy Prole by Quasi (1:42)

We need the money so we’ve got to play it dumb. But if you play it long enough, that’s just what you become.

36. What Can I Do? by Antony & The Johnsons (1:41)

Antony and Rufus Wainwright, two singers that have annoyed independently, now do so in tandem. Call me crazy, but they are both awesome.

37. Thinkin' Man's Girl by The Swinging Neckbreakers (1:54)

You can tell he's a thinking man, because he says things like, "Your face and your figure are top shelf." What a Smartypants.

38. Just You, Just Me by Ray Charles & Betty Carter (2:00)

Betty Carter has a weird voice. I can’t sing along with it. It’s like she’s trying to invent a new way to sing. Try playing a piano duet with Thelonious Monk.

39. Road Rage by Rotten Apples (1:31)

This almost went to Boss Hog. They had a yelling part I enjoyed. I suspect Rotten Apples are not as good as I would like, but I so relate to the sentiments in this song. "If it weren't for me we would both be dead."

40. Your Mouth Is Open And Your Eyes Are Shut by Sultans (1:20)

GHOST SHIP by the Sultans is 13 songs in less than 22 minutes. I had a hard time choosing just the one.


  1. Just so you know, I have WAY more songs from 2 to 3 minutes than from 0 to 2 minutes. 2 to 3 would have been a much easier task. Or harder maybe. Certainly more indicative of what are really good songs. Not that these aren't good, of course, and not that I'm going do this kind of thing again very soon,. I'm just saying.

    Also, my posts on the blog, when sent to my email by the blog, go into the Spam box. Your posts don't. Just mine. I think my email is trying to tell me something. If it's all going into your Spam box too, you don't have to tell me, because you won't have received this email. I'm just emailing into the wind.

  2. BRAVO JIM! I love it. You make a strong case for the Under 2 Minute Song.
    Except for that Rufus Wainright character.

    Everyone should have Big Star on their make out mixed tape!

  3. Aw, shucks, Marcy.
    I will bring the songs I couldn't find on Lala to the next meeting if anyone is interested.


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