Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Music Club - It's a go

Here's the idea.  We meet 4 times of year to talk about music.  There will be a general theme and each person comes up with 3 songs based on the theme.   A week before, members sends their picks to the host (me this time) and the host (me!) burns a CD comprised of all the delicious song selections.  Then we discuss (defend) our selections at the meeting.

The first theme is Pat's idea.  3 songs that tell us who you are musically (SO CLOSE TO AN INTERVIEW QUESTION BUT IT'S NOT).    Since many in the group have never met, it will be a great icebreaker and way to easily stereotype fellow music club members.

One more thing.  Is there evenings that are off limits?  I'll throw out Thursday, March 5.  



  1. i could pretend that I'm too complex to be defined by 3 songs. The truth is that I'm too dim to figure it out but I'll give i a shot. hhhmmmmm I think I'll go with the current Leroy. The one from 1977 would have given you 3 songs from The Pat Travers Band.

  2. Is "defined by" just another way of saying "my current favorites" or is it supposed to be some sort of greatest hits from my past? Or maybe songs that even though I don't listen to them anymore, they still mean something to me now? Some deep dark secrets?

  3. Aah, the beauty of how to interpret the theme. I took the straight forward approach as a way of avoiding getting too esoteric on ya all. My three songs are songs I would play for a stranger as a way of defining my music taste.

  4. I went with the songs that influenced what I listen to now. You could maybe read something deep and dark but with me, likely not a secret.

  5. Yeah, that's something else. Strangers? I don't typically plays songs for them. I'm kind of weird that way. But I'll try.


Friday, June 22nd?