Monday, January 26, 2009

1) Go see The Maldives live if you get the chance. They rock.
DO NOT buy their CD. OMG...BORING!
2) Go see The Moondoggies live. Do buy their CD. These guys are the next best thing since Scruffy the Cat.
3) Deb, you'll be diggin' that my Pandora radio station is named The Kings of Leon. Pat, how do I find your stations?
4) The music is more important than the lyrics. Although lyrics can kill a song, hard.
5) I'm not sure who my favorite guitar player of all time is, but my most hated is Mike McCready.
6) I'm pretty sure God invented the internet just I could tell the world about item 5.


  1. Stupid work won't let me access Pandora to send the link to you. I'll have to do it from home.

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  3. Funny - I was getting the Maldives and The Moondoggies mixed up for awhile. Now I'm all straightened out. What do you think about Blitzen Trapper? I love em.


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