Thursday, April 5, 2018

What is the new "trip hop"?

Hello my friends, I have a question for you. Because of an amazing podcast, I've been revisiting the sounds of the late '90s/early aughts, and the lounge music of the day. Is there such a thing as modern Morcheeba?  A present-day Portishead?  I had forgotten how much I dug this type of ambient music.  I want more!!!


  1. I liked that podcast so much. Hearing the premise of several of the episodes, I didn't think I would find it interesting, but I was caught up in it each time.

  2. It's the best. My favorite was the Prince/Tom Petty episode - all the parallels between them that he unwound. Fascinating!

    This isn't trip hop but there are a few really good songs on this album.

    I'm also super smitten with the Soccer Mommy album and one of the songs will definitely be in my year end list.

    Music Club is at my house THIS Thursday!