Wednesday, January 10, 2018

I’ll See You In My Themes

Here is someplace we can perhaps keep ideas for themes. Themes like:

Songs with songs in them (Example: Songs She Sang In The Shower by Jason Isbell has Breakfast In Bed by Dusty Springfield, Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd and Yesterday’s Wine by Willie Nelson)

The iTunes Collection (1 song in your collection you are sure nobody else in MC has, 1 song in collection you are sure everybody in MC has (even though no one has brought it before), and 1 song you didn't have but always wanted so you got it for this theme)

The Name Songs (Songs titled with peoples names. Examples: Carol Brown by Flight of the Conchords, Brian Wilson by Barenaked Ladies, and Bobby Booshay by Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears)

What else?


  1. Ooh, good themes! How about iTunes Collection for our next theme? And we schedule it for Thursday February 15th? Pat and I can host since Marcy has carried the load the last couple of times.

  2. I love the Itunes theme and it works well with this fact. Our 10 year anniversary is March 5th!!!!
    10 years!
    59 meetings!
    1,107 songs!

  3. oops! Bad math, it will be 9 years.

  4. I did the math wrong, too. But 9 is still a lot.

    Are all 3 of the segments of the iTunes theme good? Is there no tweeking they need?

    I am curious how out there a song can be and still already be in all of our collections. I’m assuming not very. I’m trying to think what song would we all have by an artist that hasn’t been brought to a meeting ever. You know just to make it hard.

    How well do I really know you guys?

    And are there really any songs you always wanted but don’t have? Don’t we all just go get a song off the internet as soon as we want it? Instant gratification rules!

  5. Can someone give me a ride to the Feb 15 meeting? I can get off early if that makes it easier on whoever wants to give me lift. Carol Lee has the car and will be able to pick me up after the meeting.

    PS- While going through my iTunes I found something surprising. During the very first meeting Larry brought a song called Bad Time by the Jayhawks. I know you all already knew this song, but it was new to me. I thought it was a great song. Afterwards I realized it was really a very popular song and there was no reason for me to not know it. I heard it as the Muzak at IKEA for god’s sake.

    Today I heard it on the my iTunes, but it sounded different. Turns out it’s a Grand Funk Railroad song. Did you know that? No one thought to mention this to me? Maybe I had heard this before.

  6. What time are you off? 5ish? Pat could pick you up on his way home from work...

    I am having a great time making song selections for the theme. I keep changing my mind, only because there are so many good choices.

  7. I get of at 5:30, but can get out earlier to make it easy.

    There is a lot to choose from. Plenty of stuff I’m sure no one else has, so which one do I like most?

    All our likes and dislikes are just different enough that I’m not sure what I have that everyone else does as well. Do I go with super ubiquitous songs?

    The stuff I don’t have actually surprises me. There are a few things I love that I always thought I had, but I was wrong. Now it’s about figuring out which one I want most.

  8. Here's a tip on no 2.
    Elvis Costello has had the broadest appeal with 5 members each bringing one song.
    REM, Radiohead, The Smiths, The Hold Steady and Jason Isbell have been the most popular with 6 entries each.
    Hmmm, maybe we should slot a woman artist them in at some point.

  9. Because I evidently like things to be more difficult than they need to be, I am trying to think of something I think we might all have by an artist none of us has submitted before.

    “suckin on a chili dog behind the tasty freeze” Sound familiar? Real familiar? I didn’t think I had it, but I do. I’m not proud. Or tired.

  10. Has anyone brought Sting to our Stingless MC?

  11. Hope to see you all next Thursday, Feb 15th. At Pat & Deb's. Usual hour, 7:00.

  12. You brought the Police once. Roxanne I believe. Someone else may have brought another Police tune, but I don’t think any solo Sting.

    Are you thinking there is a Sting song that everyone has in their iTunes? Something off Dream of Blue Turtles, perhaps?

    Or are you thinking you have a Sting song no one else has? Something from his Broadway musical? I think its about a shipbuilder or something.

    Or is there Sting song you always wanted? Like that live version of Roxanne with lutes and recorders.

    This will be a fun theme to guess who brought what and why.