Thursday, September 22, 2016

Music Club Theme.... Wait for it....

Road Trip Songs. Pick three songs that would be must haves for a  definitive road trip playlist. (Gina, would love to have a submission from you, email me your picks and I'll make sure they're included)
Proposed MC date Thursday October 27th or Thursday November 10th (we may need a road trip playlist should Trump win and we have to pack up our belongings to head north to Canada). Pat and I  are happy to host.


  1. Hooray!

    Let me check the dates.

    I miss you all.

  2. I've got family in town the 27th...

  3. Ooo, great theme! Too many choices... I'll send 'em, for sure!

  4. This could be a cool theme - songs that give you chills!

  5. November 10th! Let's do this.


  6. This is surprisingly hard. If I were to take a road trip, the songs I would use have already been in MC. That playlist would look something like:

    Loves the Only Thing That Shuts Me Up
    Frontin' On Debra
    Everything's Broken
    96 Tears
    Lift Every Voice and Sing
    The Chain (Demo)
    I Love The Unknown
    We’re Both In Love With A Sexy Lady
    She's a Lady
    Cherry Bomb
    My Mistake
    Visit Me In Music City
    Somebody to Love
    I Want The World To Stop
    Rondo A Capriccio
    Compared to What
    Don't Go
    Pocketful Of Money
    Take Me to Church
    Into My Arms
    Cucurrucucu Paloma
    Love's Theme
    Excuse Me While I break My Own Heart Tonight
    Foreign Object
    Les Champs-Élysées
    Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You Makes you)
    Losing My Edge
    I'm Set Free
    Dance This Mess Around
    Head Full of Doubt - Road Full of Promise
    Chelsea Dagger
    Here Comes Your Man
    Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken

    & that’s just off the top of my head.
    & doesn’t include all of my awesome songs.

    See you soon.

  7. Are we still meeting tomorrow? Because I need this to happen. I'm scared, heartbroken and in need of the love of my music club family.

  8. Oh God yes. I am meeting you all at Deb & Pat’s.

    Carol and I went to an election watching party (which was fun when Obama first was elected) and after 40 minutes of everyone yelling at the TV screen we finally had to leave. No celebration this time. Just worry and sadness. I was looking forward to Clinton as the first woman president.

  9. Thank you all for last night.

    I already miss you all again.

    THUNDER ISLAND does surprisingly have a Wikipedia page. It also makes a point of saying that while it charted high (#9) no one has ever heard of it and the radio never plays it and that J. Politi wrote this Wikipedia entry 2 days ago.

  10. Hound mouth have been around since 2011. Do I really not pay any attention at all? How do things happen and I not have any clue?

  11. I forgot John Denver was in "Oh, God”. That is adorable.

  12. Who brought "Be Thankful For What You Got”? I like that.

    1. Why just the one song? Take longer road trips.

      The song popped up on my Curtis Mayfield station yesterday as well. It just followed me everywhere.

  13. my first CD purchase was "Achtung Baby" by U2


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