Friday, January 29, 2016

Courtney Barnett Thursday April 21 at The Moore

Live show music club anyone?


  1. So I ended up going to Courtney Barnett last night. Didn’t realize she was a trio. They got super loud and noisy. It was pretty awesome. I like her a lot.

    Sorry to see Prince go. He was one of my favorite big concerts. He was so good.

  2. I'm still in shock. He was amazing live. I saw him three times. The Purple Rain tour, the Sign of the Times tour (my favorite album by the way) and the show at The Showbox three years ago.

    There would be no D'Angelo without Prince.

  3. I saw the PURPLE RIAN tour and MUSICOLOGY. MUSICOLOGY is not one of his greatest, but man the show was so good. He made the Key arena feel almost intimate. Maybe not intimate, but at least like a smaller venue.


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