Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Time, time, time for another Music Club get-together!

Perhaps the back half of April? April 23rd (Roy Orbison's birthday) or April 30 (Bon Iver's birthday)? Gina would pick the 23rd solely on the musician's birthday. My friend Wendy would pick the 23rd too because it's her favorite day of the month. I don't have a preference. Politi, did anyone tell you the theme? It's "Do-over" - you can do over a theme that you may have felt missed the mark or do-over different songs from different themes. Basically it's a redemption theme! Some random musical asides. Pat, though you favor the less sad Beck songs, whenever I hear "Lost Cause", I think to myself that this is one well crafted sad song. I can't explain why I love Elliot Smith so much but Sufjan Stevens leaves me cold (the exception to this is "Casimir Pulaski Day" since I'm not dead inside). Since D'Angelo finally delivered, does that mean The Avalanches are around the corner?


  1. I will have to check my calendar when I get home. I suggest that regardless of the day we come dressed as either Mr Orbison (all in black and sunglasses) or Mr Iver (all in beige and moss).

    I like the phrase "the avalanches are around the corner."

  2. Why is the 23rd Wendy's favorite day of the month? Was she born on the 23rd? This statement has distracted me from the rest of the post.

    "Lost Cause" is indeed awesome and I think is the best song on Sea Change. It also came out during the Divorce Year so yeah, I listened to it more than once but I was down enough during that time to rarely want to hear the whole disc.

    "Casimir Pulaski Day" may be one of the best sad songs ever. Have we ever had a sad song theme?

  3. PAT! DO NOT TEASE ME with a SAD SONG THEME! I'll cry!

  4. We've had a happy song theme but not a sad song theme. And my friends is just sad!
    Yes, the 23rd is my friend Wendy's birthday.

  5. But Greg, sad songs say so much!

  6. Are we doing the 23rd?
    Sorry if I didn't say I can do it then, but I can do it then. So then, let's.

  7. I didn't get many takers so I took another offer. The event is called Beer for a Cause so I'm feeling like a boozy do-gooder!


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